Happy Zombie Jesus Day

Dear Mum,

I saw the title of this post on a social network somewhere, referring to the fact that if someone is raised from the dead you tend to refer to them as a zombie! Well, I thought it was funny! I shall now use the acronym ZJD when talking about Easter.

I tried calling you a couple of times this weekend but seemed to miss you somehow. We have had an utterly bonkers few days, I was off work on Friday and today. The first day off was spent preparing food and going down to visit Janice in Mandurah. There was lots of food and good company, plus we got to meet (Richard’s son) Kasey’s girlfriend, seems like a nice lass.

On Saturday I took Josh to Garden City to exchange a new alarm clock that has issues with the display, works otherwise though. Deanne stayed at home and did some coursework. We swapped the clock, then had a look in Myers at the Octonauts toys (think that was the highlight for Joshua) then stopped for a drink, Joshy had a babycino and a heart shaped shortbread biscuit, mine was a Diet Coke.

Yesterday Bob popped over in the morning at about ten, he had a cup of tea and we all chatted, while Joshua played with his Lego and did some colouring, then went outside to play on his trampoline, while Bob and I threw his frisbee and a couple of bouncy balls over the top at him. He thought it was great. After Bob had left we went to Julie’s for lunch. Donna has been down for a few days and she was leaving this morning, so we went over to spend a bit of time before she went. However Joshy stayed the night so he could go to the airport with them this morning.

Today Deanne and I got a bit of a lie in, only waking up at about half eight, which is almost unheard of these days. I got up and made some sausage mix to start preparing for Joshua’s family party next weekend, I froze the mix then not long afterwards Julie and Rick dropped the young ‘un off.

Donna had given him a sort of big roll of paper which has dinosaurs on to colour in, most of the day was spent doing that while Dee did some more work, although we did go for a walk at about four, during which we happened upon one of Joshua’s classmates, Chloe, who only lives a couple of streets away.

The pictures are of Joshua helping to make a cake, along with the shopping list he wrote, for 320 grams of caster sugar (plus a picture of a balloon with Joshua’s face and hair) which he and I bought on the way back from Garden City on Saturday.



ZJD Cake Bunny

ZJD Cake Bunny

Josh's Shopping List

Josh’s Shopping List

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One response to “Happy Zombie Jesus Day

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Thanks for the news – you certainly had a busy time over Easter Sorry for not being in when you called – I look forward to our weekly updates Paul was down for the weekend and we went to Littlehampton yesterday – I am just about to download my photos so will send a couple via regular email love mum xxxx

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