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Dear Mum,
This morning Josh and I went to the library. He was so excited when I told him he could pick any five books (or DVDs) that he ran up to the boxes of books for young ‘uns and somehow managed to get two dinosaur books and one about an elephant. I helped him pick one from the older kids section which was a fold out dinosaur one, the final thing was a dinosaur train DVD.
When we got home I made a packed lunch and we went to the park, had lunch (Joshy had a Vegemite Sarnie) then played for an hour or two.
He watched some of his lent video and then we went to collect Deanne at four o’clock.
The three of us went to Heirisson island, initially he played on the playground, then we had a snack and walked to the other end of the island and saw the ‘roos. Joshua was quite excited because they were up and about this time as it was later in the day and a bit cooler than last time we went.
Tomorrow we’re all going out for lunch because it’s Julie’s birthday.


Quiet Please

Dear Mum,

A fairly quiet day today. I dropped Joshy off at daycare at 9am then went to Coles (a bit like Asda) and bought a couple of boxes of cereal, which I will have some of soon. when I got home I did the ironing and checked to see we didn’t have any more washing to do.

Most of the rest of the day was spent finishing my CV, so only the cover letter to do now, although I also did a bit of hoovering after Josh came home ’cause he had somehow secreted a small pile of sand in his trouser pockets and then emptied it out on the floor when we got back.

This evening I did some bits of paperwork, like changing my pension details and figuring out exactly what HMRC need me to do to have officially left the UK.

Joshua and I have no firm plans for tomorrow, although he would like to go to the park down the road and I thought we could head for the library and borrow some books for him, and maybe a DVD which we can watch together if he’s tired in the afternoon.



Two Days

Dear Mum,

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, not sure what happened to the time?!

Deanne took Joshua to kindy yesterday and then came back here so I could drive her to work. It’s a bit bonkers because it’s a twenty minute drive to her work but when she goes on the bus, then train, then bus it takes her nearly an hour, sometimes more!

When I came back I went to the local library and enrolled Joshua and I, Dee will have to do herself when she can get there as you need to prove your ID and sign some forms, but I have two shiny library cards now, one for the boy and one for me. While I was there I had a quick look around and found the section in the picture below, all about dinosaurs. They also had DVDs that you can borrow, some of which will be Joshua-suitable, so he and I might pop there on Friday and get him some books and a DVD to watch. You get them for three weeks so that’s pretty good.

In the afternoon I did computer-y things, still trying to get all the details together for the job application I’m doing for the role at Deanne’s old school.

When I picked up Joshua from kindy Ryan came out just after us and his Mum asked him what they had been doing. He said they had built a track out of play-dough and then unusually Joshua picked up on that and actually gave me a run down of what else he had done during the day. Apparently after building the track they played with some cars and planes on it, then he also got to touch a starfish (dried out, not live).

Talking of dead things, we also got a letter which Deanne sent to ToF so I assume you’ve seen it. Silly Tesco’s took the cancellation of our policy (in order to move the details to you at your house, while he’s staying with you) to mean that Snuggles was an ex-cat and wrote us a letter stating as much, offering us grief counselling and everything. Deanne reported this error to them on Twitter and they asked her to give them her details in a personal message but their second mistake was not realising that you can’t send a personal message to someone who isn’t following you! This may all sound like double-Dutch, but suffice to say that they have a bit of grovelling to do to make it up to us! It would have been worse if we hadn’t Skyped you (and the Snugs) the day before!

I popped into Josh’s school a bit early when I picked him up and offered to help out, so I got to write the titles of all the loan books they have in an exercise book so they can write people’s names next to them when they take them home.

Anyway today was a bit of housework day, I washed some clothes and our towels and then sent time on the PC doing job stuff again. It was Joshy/Nana day today so I hung about in the lounge, or our room on the computer while they were here, but they did go out a couple of times. Once to do the shopping and then in the afternoon to a play-centre.

When they got back Joshua was really excited to tell me that there was a curly-wurly slide AND a lumpy-bumpy one too, also a blow up castle WITH A SLIDE!!! He was obviously impressed πŸ™‚

Later on he and Nana watched Happy Feet Two, which Julie had bought him while they were out shopping in the morning. I went to pick Deanne up from work at 4:30, then when we got home we all chatted about our days then had tea.

Josh is at daycare tomorrow so it’s another laptop/housework/paperwork day for me.




Josh In Charge

Dear Mum,
It was a bit weird when we turned up today as the other class were all there and waiting to go in, but Joshua and I were the first ones to arrive (at about quarter to nine). A couple of minutes later Ryan turned up and I asked Jane if we had missed something. She said she wasn’t sure but hoped not.
The buzzer went at ten to nine, there were three (six) of us stood outside waiting and after a moment Mrs Wade put her head out and said “is everybody late?”, so we went in and put Joshy’s drink and snack in their respective pots. I asked him if he wanted a story but he said puzzle, but before we sat down he asked if he could swap his library book, so I told him to go and ask Mrs Wade, which he duly did! She told us that she would get the books out before the end of class so he could swap it, along with some of the other kids who are obviously fast readers too πŸ™‚
Ryan got to ring the bell today, he was told to go and get it and I said to Joshua that it was time for me to go, so he stood up, gave me a kiss and a cuddle, then went and told some other kids who were playing with some toys in a big washing basket type thing that it was time to pack up and get ready for class!!!
Personally I spent the whole day writing stuff for my application to Deanne’s old school. I’m pretty sure I have everything they are looking for, it’s just a case of figuring out how to write that down!
Josh and I also went to look at a rental property at 5:30. It was really good but probably a little too small for what we need to pack all our stuff into when it arrives.
Tomorrow Josh is at kindy again and I’m doing more of the same again. It might be handy to have those details from Linda if she’s willing to give them to me. I’m not in desperate need of a job yet, I don’t really need to start something until April-ish, but time’s a marching on so I’m starting to get a bit more serious about the whole employment thing now.

Ride Like The Wind Joshua

Dear Mum,

It was a relaxing day today, in that we didn’t have anything planned. Joshua and I played with his Lego and his little plane launching ramp after we woke up and that kept us quiet for most of the morning. We decided to go to Bull Creek shops on the bikes (Deanne on hers and me walking to help Josh on his), but then realised it was lunch time so had various versions of cheese with stuff, Deanne had a sandwich, I had leftovers and Joshua had cheese with crackers, which is apparently a big favourite at kindy too. Pretty sure for the staff as it’s easy to hand out for snack time!

So after lunch they got their cycling helmets on (it’s illegal to go an a bike without them over here), then we set off. It doesn’t seem that far when you drive there but when you’re pulling and pushing a nearly-four year old on his bicycle it’s quite a long way. We exchanged the cycle helmet Deanne had bought from Target which was a bit too big, then went to Woolworths to get a few bits of shopping.

Then we went and bought an iced bun which was almost as big as Joshy’s head and he ate half of it and drank the carton of drink we bought for him in Woolies before we set off for home again.

We had the intention of going swimming when we got back, but Joshua just wanted to watch some TV and then got in a bad mood and misbehaved so we put him in time out in his room for five minutes, and after the five minutes had passed and Deanne went to check on him he had put himself to bed and was fast asleep, for an hour and a half.

Then we Skyped you.

Tomorrow Josh is at Kindy, Deanne is at work andΒ I’m applying for a bunch of jobs.



Joshua on his bike

Ride like the wind Joshua


Dear Mum,
No accidents today, you’ll be pleased to hear!
We got to SciTech at about 11 and headed down to the far end, where there is a stage and a little kind of theatre-y show with actions (which Joshua didn’t take part in) and some ventriloquism, which he thought was rather good.
After the show we had lunch then started looking at the actual science and technology things. It was really good. Everything there is interactive, so there are lots of things to wind up and make balls go round big metal circuits to show how kinetic and potential energy and momentum all work. Then you could build cars out of Lego and race them down a big ramp to see which design was best, and all sorts of other exciting things for little boys (and big boys) to do.
At 12:30 there was a “bubbles show” which did exactly what it said on the packet. It was pretty good but the girl who was doing the show was trying to rely a bit too much on audience participation from a bunch of 2 to 5 year olds, which made it go on a tad longer than it should have done!
It was also good because there was an area with seats and tables, so you can take your own food and drink, which we did do, and so not have to buy lunch.
We went out for a quick drink, and a bit to eat for Josh. But on the understanding that yes, we would be going back in before we took him home. Then after that we spent another half hour or so, where he played at being a builder and put foam bricks in a wheelbarrow and then built and destroyed a wall and hoisted them up in the air. Then we actually did come home.
Joshua was ever so well behaved and I think we’ll probably actually buy ourselves season tickets, as I could see us spending a fair bit of time there.
I did try Skyping you when we got home but you appeared to be out so we’ll have another go tomorrow.
P.s. apologies if this isn’t very well spelled or formatted, I’m writing it on the tablet because I couldn’t be bothered firing up the laptop after such a tiring day!

In The Wars

Dear Mum,

This morning Julie, Josh and I went to a dinosaur themed play centre. We arrived at about 9:30 and stayed until midday. I’ve attached a picture at the bottom which is actually Joshua, but he’s travelling down the curly slide so fast that he’s just a blur πŸ™‚

While we were there he had an ice lolly and a blackcurrant and apple drink, then at about 11:30 Nana bought a big bowl of potato wedges and he had a few of them (I tried to put him off as it as near lunch time but he did seem very hungry and didn’t heed my suggestions. He had a great time and only had one small incident where he accidentally ran into a mesh fence and hurt his nose a little bit, but he only took a minute to recover before he was up and running again.

I forgot to take socks for him with us (they have to wear socks on the play centre equipmment) so i had to buy him some there. They only cost three dollars and have dinosaurs on them, and weren’t actually bad quality, so I didn’t feel too bad about it.

When we got back at about half twelve I made some little pizzas for us and he ate the whole thing. Pretty sure he’s growing!

I put him down for a nap but while I was reading a story to him (Winnie The Pooh – The Heffalump) but half way through he did something which must have knocked off a scab on his ankle, which he got at kindy earlier this week. I managed to get my hand under his leg before he bled on Julie’s cream carpets (he bled a lot!) and took him to the bath, where it got a bit of a wash and a plaster on it.

After his nap we went to the park down the road and played on the playground for a while, although before we started playing he had insisted on taking the book he brought home from school and reading it πŸ™‚ However while he was playing he tried to drop down between tow bits of metal and headbutted the front and back of his head on them. He cried…third time today 😦

But it didn’t take too long for him to recover and then we finished playing, had a quick bite to eat and then came home (after watching some ants carrying some bits of oats from the bar we had been eating back to their nest.

Anyway, that’s the most he’s hurt himself for some time, hopefully the bad luck comes in threes thing is going to hold and that’s the end of it.

Tomorrow we’re going to scitech, which is the science and technology museum place, so that should be fun.




Tired Boy

Dear Mum,

Joshua wasn’t quite so clingy when I dropped him at daycare today. He held on tight to me until I’d given him a kiss and a cuddle, but then he said goodbye and went to sit on the mat with all the other kids.

I spent time today trying to find out about whether the warranty on my insulin pump is actually transferable. I received an email from one of the women I talked to from Accu-Chek the other night who said I needed to check with my insurance company, so I called up our private insurance company (ooh, how posh) and they said that as long as Accu-Chek will write me a letter stating it’s time for a replacement then they will stump up the money for a replacement pump when the time comes (next February).

Apart from that I’m not entirely certain what I did today but whatever it was seemed to take up the rest of my day!

I picked up Joshy at half three, which appeared to be a mistake as everyone seems to take a drive at half past three. Anyway, I got there for about half past and went in, Joshua was turned in the other direction playing with a couple of puzzles but one of the other kids pointed at me and told him that is daddy was there. Which is exactly what used to happen when I turned up at nursery πŸ™‚

When we got home he had an ice lolly (it was 37 degrees today) then we went for a swim. While we were getting ready he took a couple more of the bits of polystyrene out of his float jacket, so that’s one and a half of the holders that is empty of floats now! This meant he had the tip of his chin in the water for most of the time he was swimming, but he seemed fine with that and was mainly breathing through his nose.

After that we came back in and had tea, as Nana goes out bowling on a Thursday night so it was an early tea.

Tomorrow morning Nana, Joshua and I are going to a dinosaur themed play-centre, which I assume Josh will enjoy.



Busy Evening

Dear Mum,

Today was Joshy/Nana day so I spent some of it working on then sending a job application off, some of it sending my book to another publishing company, some of it writing emails to various diabetes related people and then when it was time for him to be fetched I took my Kindle to the park and read for a couple of hours.

At five thirty was Joshua’s class parent teacher meeting thing, so Deanne and I went along and the teachers told us what goes on in the room and about some bits and pieces that were useful to know about.

We got home at about five to seven, stuffed our dinner in our mouths, kissed Joshua goodnight and then went out as it was the first P&C (Parents and Citizens association, apparently!). It was good because they discussed all sorts of things we wouldn’t otherwise have been party to, also Harry(from the other kindy class)’s mum was there so Dee and her had a bit of a chat afterwards. I also appear to have volunteered my services to help sort out the school website, which is a bit of a mess at the moment. So at least I’m going to be busy!

Gotta go to sleep now as two nights out (at grown up meetings) has been too much for me.



Type1 Stuff

Dear Mum,

Joshua had a good day at kindy today. You obviously saw the picture he got me to send you of the little dancing man he made there. Deanne dropped him off this morning and apparently when the bell rang he gave her a quick kiss and a cuddle then sat on the carpet and said goodbye…and that was it! When I picked him up he brought out the paper man he had made and then went to put his stuff in his bag. Before the end of class I had been talking to Ryan’s mum and when Ryan had put all his stuff together he came to Joshua and said goodbye (sadly not au revoir!), I was so happy as the two of them seem to be becoming friends, which takes a weight off our minds.

This evening I went to an insulin pump session run by the NDSS. It was more-or-less for people who are thinking about going on to a pump, however I though it would be useful for me to be able to ask a few questions about supplies and how it works for diabetics over here.

However it was more than useful as I have now met a few contacts and got a few details of people to ask about things. The woman I talked to from Accu-Chek has given me her card so I can email her to ask about the warranty on my pump, as she has never been asked before if a warranty can be transferred from the UK to Australia. I also talked to one of the people who seem to run the WA branch of the NDSS, and he was extremely happy to give me information and advice.

The weirdest thing though was that one of the ladies who had organised the session (a type 1 herself) was going to talk about what it’s like having an insulin pump. But she wasn’t very well and had to excuse herself, so I volunteered to do an off the cuff talk myself. After the official lady from NDSS had done her presentation I talked for around ten minutes about my own experiences and life with a pump. I think I did okay although it’s always a little hard to tell with these sort of things, but now I’m somewhat hoarse from all the talking and answering people’s questions afterwards.

A good night in all πŸ™‚