A Bit Of Baking

Dear Mum,

Life is still hectic as anything, for Deanne, Joshua and myself. Deanne is putting an awful lot of hours into her University work, as you’d expect, I guess. She seems to be getting on okay with it and is enjoying the practicals.

Josh is powering along at school and appears to be teaching himself to read, mostly through the medium of dinosaurs. Not, you might think, the easiest of words to start with but he knows the creatures so well that he can start reading the words and guess from his immense knowledge of terrible lizards.

Because last Monday was a bank holiday and he was meant to be starting his new term of gymnastics, it meant he had both gymnastics and swimming yesterday. I was quite surprised to find he didn’t sleep in the car on the way home from the swimming, but I suppose he is growing up and becoming a bit more resilient. After getting home we had to shop, Deanne had a long day at Uni, then had coursework to do, so it was Josh and me all the way. Before we shopped we stopped for a drink and a snack, Joshua had a doughnut man and a babyccino, I had a Diet Coke and a hedgehog slice. The first picture is the boy enjoying his food and drink.

Today Josh and I did various bits of cooking, first of all I did some bread in the bread machine so we could have sausage sandwiches for lunch. I was so excited by this that I took the second picture, it’s been ages since we had homemade sausage sarnies! In the afternoon we did a big bake, made some oatmeal raisin cookies, followed by some lemon biscuits. That doesn’t sound like a lot but it took most of the afternoon. Joshy also wanted to watch the making of the Walking With programs, after I accidentally put the wrong disc in the DVD player, he asked me to play it anyway. He was entranced, then ensconced!

Gotta go, back to work tomorrow.



Saturday Shopping

Saturday Shopping

Sunday Sausage Sandwich

Sunday Sausage Sandwich

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One response to “A Bit Of Baking

  • Lilian Ladle

    Hi Dan Wonderful post – dad and I really enjoyed hearing about Josh and the baking – the bread and sausages looked fantastic!! Its bank holiday here today – I’m going up to Druce thisafternoon with Sue and Robert (our man with the JCB) to prepare for the volunteers who join us tomorrow and will be on site for the rest of the summer. Dad is decorating…. he is painting the downstairs lavatory. We are going for brilliant white this time instead of builder’s beige. Marc and Ben popped in yesterday – their moto-cross meeting in Exeter had been cancelled. They managed to do some racing on Saturday and camped at the site overnight. You will be pleased to hear that they used your old tent – it was very successful – look at Marc’s facebook. for some pics. After two weeks of very warm weather it has been rather chilly again but it promised to be a bit warmer this week. We still have the heating on. You put me to shame with your baking – I rarely make cake these days – if I do we eat it – if you know what I mean!!!!! lots of love mum xxxxxx

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