They Have To Mate First!

Dear Mum,

Life is barrelling along at the moment. Deanne is busily learning at University, Joshua is learning at school and I’m working. I hope you got the pictures I chucked in the dropbox the other day. Josh’s swimming lesson was fantastic, watching him walk into the water with his pyjamas on was hilarious, and he did such a good job of his life-saving exercises, paddling on a surfboard, pulling other kids out of the water and generally having a huge laugh the whole time.

He’s also preparing for his birthday party, he’s been getting out of bed a bit early and drawing and cutting out Octonauts vehicles, as he’s having an Octonauts party. He ran in the other morning to show us a bunch of them. He has also written a rather exclusive list of who he would like to come to his party, although it’s not on for another few weeks because a lot of people are on holiday over Easter.

I mainly wanted to tell you about the conversation Joshua and Deanne had when Joshua brought home the rather fine model of a Triceratops he made at school today. After getting in he got a marker pen and drew a baby Triceratops on the Mummy. Deanne said that not all female animals have babies inside them, to which Joshua, quite seriously, pointed out that “no Mummy, only after they’ve mated”!

I have, of course, included a picture of said Triceratops. If you look carefully you can see the fetus just above the cereal bowl.



A Pregnant Triceratops

A Pregnant Triceratops

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One response to “They Have To Mate First!

  • Mum

    Josh really is a hoot!!! Dad is just going to look to see if he as the drop box pictures – apparently yes he has!! I helped the old man to sort out his Blandford fly treatment this morning – he does the work tomorrow. I will send you a photo of my wonderful new dyson on your email its still chilly here although the nights are getting lighter – it just seems as though it is colder for longer!! love mum xxx

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