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Classroom Helper

Dear Mum,
Can’t write much tonight as I’ve had a tough day and it’s late.
I remembered, on my way to drop Joshua off, that I was meant to be helping out in his class today. So, completely unprepared, I stayed the entire day and got to help out with some cutting, painting and other classroom activities.
I picked Deanne up from work and we went to look at a house, then this evening I’ve been applying for a job. I’m knackered!
The picture is the one I mentioned ages ago of Joshua’s outline.
There’s a teachers strike tomorrow so it’s Joshy/Daddy day!



Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Mum,
I thought I better wish you a happy Mother’s Day as I failed to send you a card, what with being quite badly organised at the moment!
Neither Deanne or I slept very well last night, I got up at about one and woke her up in the process, I did a blood test and was 4.1 so I had some food and insulin then went back to bed. However I couldn’t get back to sleep. I don’t know how long I was awake for but Dee said she didn’t get back to sleep until half four.
So we had a late start this morning, I played with Joshua after feeding him breakfast at near to nine o’clock. Wd played with his planes and then built some stuff out of Lego.
This afternoon we went to the zoo and looked at some of the animals, as per the pictures below. It was good but we were all a bit tired by the time we got home.
Not sure what’s on tomorrow, some ironing and other bits and pieces.




Dear Mum,

After a relatively relaxing morning Deanne and I got ourselves sorted and headed out for the hills where we had made a reservation for lunch.

The place reminded me a little of one of the places we have eaten in Tobago as we ate on a balcony that looked out onto plants. It was a vegetarian place called Genesis In The Hills and the food was very nice, I had a sandwich and Deanne had an open burger, both of which were excellent, the only problem being my insulin was low and I had forgotten to change it, it ran out half way through lunch. However the food didn’t have too much carbohydrate in it so I just decided to wait until we got home to get pumped up again.

It was a dumb thing to do because otherwise we could have stayed out a bit longer and gone for a bit of a walk in the nice cool air of the hills, however as it was it turned out okay as we got home in the middle of the afternoon then made the decision to head out for South Perth and see if we could find  couple of bookshops we had found on Google.

We only actually got to one of them as it was a café and so, after having a bit of a browse and deciding which Harry and the Dinosaurs book to buy Joshua for his birthday (Harry and the Dinosaur’s birthday party, or some such), we had a drink and bought Josh a smiley biscuit. By the time we left it was about half five and so we went to see where the other shop was, which appears to be a bit of a wholesaler for kids books, so that might come in handy when we’ve actually checked it out.

We came home and got ourselves ready for dinner, at which point there was a power cut, apparently a common occurrence over here but not one we’ve experienced so far, so we had to have dinner outside so we could see, then put Joshua to bed in the dark. I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

We’re possibly going to the zoo tomorrow but it depends a bit on the weather (I forgot to say it was chucking it down from when we set off to when we got back from the book shops).



The Girl With No Name

Dear Mum,
Before I took Joshua to daycare today we took the attached photo of him with his dilophosaurus, so we could send it to Deanne at work.
I dropped him off and came back to a couple of loads of wishing and then some job hunting. A relatively productive day, applied for one and did some decent investigations into some other bits and pieces.
I picked the boy up at half three and he told me that he’d been playing with the same girl he played with last week, but he couldn’t remember her name. However after we’d picked Deanne up at five thirty he suggested it might have been Book…or possibly Brooke, my money is on the latter. Anyhow he seems to have finally made a friend there, so hopefully next week he’ll be a little happier about going there.
Tomorrow is, of course, our anniversary! So Deanne and I are going out for lunch at a (hopefully) nice place out in the hills towards Bob’s house. We’re quite looking forward to it, and hopefully Joshua is looking forward to lunch with Nana and Poppy Richard!


Thursday Already

Dear Mum,
I don’t know where this week has gone? Tomorrow is Friday and it feels like the last four days have hardly begun.
Today I called three of the recruiters who I’ve decided are going to be the ones I use, I think if I chose any more than that it would get confusing and I’d end up calling the wrong ones and hassling them when I wasn’t meant to.
So, anyway I’ve settled on these three agencies and am going to give them a call every week or two, to see if anything useful has come up yet.
I went through some folders on the computer this afternoon to clear out some old stuff I should have tidied up ages ago but hadn’t. I also went to photocopy our wedding certificate and get it certified, as it means we can get some money from Deanne’s old superannuation fund, which is handy.
Apart from that it was a bit of an uneventful day. Josh is at day-care tomorrow so I’m going to do a little bit of shopping and spend some time searching for jobs.

The Long Walk

Dear Mum,

Because Julie was looking after Joshua today I decided I’d take a trip into the city, however I did a few other bits and bobs in the morning and waited until after I’d had my lunch to go so I didn’t have to fork out $20.00 for a limp sarnie from some disreputable eating establishment.

I got to the city some time around one and started walking (thankfully it wasn’t too hot a day or I’d have given myself sunstroke!). I walked, and walked, and walked…etc. etc. etc. I went up and down the three main shopping streets, which are each on the long side, then I traversed them via shopping arcades and side streets until I had been most of the way around the central shopping bits.

Then I went to the top end, St George’s Terrace I think it’s called, then I headed back to the other end and went towards the museums, then round Northbridge and China Town. Then back to the centre, stopping briefly at a newsagents which sold Vanilla Diet Coke, which I haven’t been able to get in about ten years. Hooray for the only place left on the planet that still stocks it!

Then I came home, where Joshua and Nana had been having a really productive day, needless to say the picture below is of Joshua’s improvising. It’s called simply “Zoo”.

Tomorrow is another Joshy/Nana day so I’ll probably do a bit of calling around of the recruitment people to see if anyone has found anything for me to do yet.




Another Recruiter

Dear Mum,

Dropped Joshua off at Nursery and invited the new twins to his party on the sixth of April, their Mum, whose name I did find out, then promptly forgot, said that they’d love to come. So that should be good for Josh, and for them to hang out with some of the other kids from his class 🙂

I don’t really know what I managed to do this morning but the time flew by and before I knew it was time to put my suit and tie on and head to meet the recruitment consultant I called yesterday. He was actually really good, from the UK (as most of these head-hunters seem to be) and asked me a bunch of pertinent questions, including what I’d actually like to do and what sort of places I fancy working. He mentioned a few likely sounding candidates, in terms of people he was going to talk about finding me something useful to do with my currently ample free time. I came away feeling much happier about life in general, so that’s gotta be a good thing!

I picked Joshua up and the twins had received the invites for Josh’s party, as we had left a couple of blank invites in case we had missed anyone out. I’m pretty sure one of the twins has a bit of a four-year-old crush on Joshua as when I mentioned he loves dinosaurs, and knows what all of their names are (as per Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs) Summer said, “I love dinosaurs too”.

He and I went to pick Deanne up from work and then we had tea.

Tomorrow is Joshy/Nana day so I’m going to head into Perth and have a bit of a look around. Maybe scope out some interesting things to do there for the next time we have some spare time on our hands.