When they were about 20 years old my parents moved from Newcastle down to Dorset, at the time this seemed like moving from one end of the Earth to the other. Each day…or pretty much…my Mum would write a page or so of text to my Granddad Jim, who had stayed in North Shields. This continued for many years and I vaguely remember the odd time, when I was on a school holiday, seeing my Mum sit down for half an hour with a pen and some paper scribbling a few lines before she got on with something else.

I also remember seeing the post arrive and recognising the handwriting as that of my Granddad. It seemed so natural that I never really gave it a second thought at the time.

However, times change and so does technology. I have just taken a similar, although slightly more geographically distant, step to the one my parents took around forty years ago. My family and I have moved from Nottingham (a short distance from Dorset these days) to Perth in Australia (a little further!). However I have decided that I would like to follow the tradition which my Mother started all those years ago and write to her, to let her know what’s going on in our lives on the other side of the planet. However instead of a pen and paper, or an email, I have decided to set up this ‘blog and write her open letters, to allow her to follow my progress and to let her, and the rest of my family and friends back in England, know how we are getting on.

So here goes!

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