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Dear Mum,

I was expecting a bit of a relaxing day today. I was somewhat mistaken!

Although to be fair Deanne and I heard Joshy come into our room at about seven this morning, but we weren’t really awake and he went back to bed, not getting up until about ten past nine. Which was a pretty laid back start to the day.

We had breakfast and got ready, then went to a playcentre called Tumblers, which Joshua had been to with Nana and asked if he could take us. We had offered him the choice between that and Sci-Tech, and he chose that. It was really good, in a leisure centre along with a big pool and water slide, a library and a few other odds and ends. We’ll probably pay for a day pass at some point and go do the pool, the slide and the playcentre. It’ll be a little bit like being at Centreparcs again.

We got home and heated up a few of my sausage rolls, they were very tasty, the picture is of Joshua eating one of them. In fact they are so good I would strongly recommend you try them, they are pretty easy to make (after all I can make them) and I’m sure you’ll have most of the ingredients. The recipe is here. While we were eating them Joshua watched an episode of Walking with Monsters, the one with a Siberian Scutosaurus in it from the start of the Triassic period.

After lunch Deanne wanted to do some paperwork so I agreed to Joshua’s idea to take his scooter to the park. He hasn’t used the scooter much so was a little unsteady at first, but he insisted we go to the playground we were at yesterday and actually managed the two or three kilometres there, and the same back after we had finished playing there. I tell you what, I’m not sure I’m going to manage my run this week, as two five kilometre runs has put a real crimp on the muscles in my legs.

By the time we got back it was nearing five and so Deanne made some wedges and slices for us and nuggets for Josh. I threw a salad together. I put a film on for Joshua, he started watching the Wallace and Gromit movie, The Curse of the Were Rabbit, but made me stop it because he got scared of the bits where Wallace was turning into a big rabbit. His hands shook and he looked really frightened, I felt quite bad. I’m pretty sure stuff like that didn’t affect me when I was little, but then I guess I was the youngest of four boys so was exposed to a lot more inappropriate movies than he has been. I was wondering about watching Star Wars with him, but think I’ll have to watch it myself first to make sure it’s okay for his delicate sensibilities.

He ended up watching Toy Story 3 while we ate, which he was much happier about.

I bathed him and then he asked if Deanne could help him dress and read him his story. We’re watching Silent Witness at the moment. Tomorrow I’m going to start working on the stuff Richard has sent me through. I shan’t say what I’m doing for him as these scientists are all a bit careful about not revealing what they are doing before publication.



Sausage Rolls

Sausage Rolls