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Good Old Jamie Oliver

Dear Mum,

It’s been a big couple of days for Joshua. He lost his first tooth yesterday afternoon and called me up specially to tell me, on his way back from school. I couldn’t believe it, he’s only five! But I guess he’s just on the earlier side of the range. It’s one of the two teeth he grew first and the other one is seriously wobbly.

At tea time yesterday we were having pasta in tomato sauce (done in the slow cooker, thank you Deanne). It had tinned chopped tomatoes in it, as well as some whole cherry tom’s. Josh picked one of them up and asked what it was, we told him and said he could try it, or put it on my plate. He looked at it for a moment, then nibbled the end, after which he stuck the whole thing in, then asked if he could have more next time we make it. Amazing!

Today was Food Revolution Day at school, a Jamie Oliver driven healthy food initiative. The kids had to take some bits and pieces in, plus some money to pay for ingredients. They made sandwiches (using the ingredients from the picture below) and then ate them. Joshua had all but a little bit, which he brought home to show us. He also now has some exciting ideas for sarnies for school, including cream cheese, hummus and red peppers.

Swimming for Joshy tomorrow, I’m on call so no other major plans. Although we may be booking a weekend away. More about that another time though.






Dear Mum,
Had a bout of insomnia last night and didn’t get to sleep ’till 3. So may not be very coherent tonight!
In a nutshell I viewed 2 houses today, one with Deanne after work. I also drove to where my interview is on Monday. Did a few bits of computer-y stuff at home.
In case you were wondering the title of this message refers to an incident that happened at Joshua’s bed time. He and Deanne had gone into the bathroom together, Dee put her hands on his shoulders and it tickled him so he moved his head forward quickly. Sadly he was standing near the basin and whipped forward straight into the hard edge and chipped his right incisor.
He cried but calmed down pretty quickly, and thankfully it’s just a milk tooth so no permanent damage!
Anyway this weekend is the local elections so Deanne is helping out at Joshy’s school with the sausage sizzle and cake stall, to try and make some money for the school which is a voting station. We’re also collecting the cakes for Josh’s party on Sunday.