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Round And Round

Dear Mum,
Deanne was going to get her hair cut this morning, Joshy also needed one so I took him to the $10 hairdressers at Willetton, then went to the Coles there to grab some supplies. Followed by the pharmacy to get Dee some antihistamines to stop her sneezing, which isn’t helping her back!
Got home at lunchtime and had beans and toast, Deanne got back a little later than us and I made her a cheese toasted sandwich. Josh really wanted to watch the Lion King 3 DVD he got out the library with us, so we did that and then he and I went to the park to play and have a scoot around, Dee stayed at home to rest her back.
At the park Josh wanted to go on the spinny thing, as pictured, but then
asked to go faster and faster until he told me to stop, suddenly, because he thought he was going to be sick. So he learnt a valuable lesson there!
We went round the park for a few minutes, but he didn’t stop on his scooter when I told him to and nearly got run over by a cyclist, so I curtailed the trip and we came home.
I made risotto for tea, possibly too much of it but I’ll turn it into risotto balls or possibly arancini if I’m feeling a little continental, a la Montalbano.
Tonight Deanne watched some Midsummer Murders while doing some work, then I watched the end of a film I started last week. Tomorrow is another laid back day as we can’t do much until Dee’s back has recovered.