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Brrr, It’s A Bit Nippy

Dear Mum,
Actually it’s not cold but I’ll get to the title in a bit.
This morning we relaxed a bit as it had been a hard day yesterday, Joshua watched a few things on TV, including some Channel 22 and Pooh Bear (again). We had toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch and then Bob arrived.
We drove to an industrial estate type place, although to be more accurate I guess it was more of a shopping estate and visited Harvey Norman and The Good Guys, both of whom sell white goods.
It took us a good hour or so but eventually we decided on a fridge (brrr, it’s a bit nippy!!!) and a washing machine, which should both be delivered on Thursday after we get into the house. I’ll send you pictures when they’re up and running.
Talking of pictures I didn’t take any today but thought you might like this one, which was taken just after yesterday’s when Joshua had jumped off Deanne’s knee.
Tomorrow we’re going to Bob’s to sort out some software on his computer, etc.