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Swimming Lesson

Dear Mum,
Josh’s first week at School went very well. He seemed to enjoy it and we weren’t made aware of any ‘incidents’. In fact he appears to have matured greatly in less than seven days.
He has been helping out around the house, getting himself ready in the morning and generally being really well behaved. Hopefully it continues.
Today we had his first swimming lesson. His teacher is named Elena and at the start of the lesson she took Joshua’s hand, along with the other kid who’d turned up on time, and off they went to swim. He had a great time and seemed pretty confident, splashing about, jumping in and throwing things. A fairly successful lesson.
Tonight there’s a party for Deanne’s cousin’s birthday, so Josh is staying over at Nana’s house. Apart from that life is pretty much as per normal, Dee just made some rock cakes and Josh is watching a film to relax after his swimming lesson.
A couple of pictures, one of the boy when we got to the pool, another of him watching the movie.