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Dinner, By Deanne

Dear Mum,

Today was a pretty quiet day. Deanne is feeling a bit better so we both did some housework, washing, vacuuming, etc. while Joshua cut some shapes out and coloured them in. While I was hanging the washing out I asked Joshy if he could get my sunnies and he came back laughing, as per the picture. For lunch I made little Pizzas, just tomato sauce and cheese on the bases you can buy from Coles.

After lunch we went to see a house in Bull Creek, but it wasn’t quite as nice as a one Dee saw the other day in Leeming, so we’ll probably put an offer in for that one and see what happens! We had to visit Coles next because I accidentally bought top-loader washing powder instead of front-loader, like our is. They gave us our money back without questioning my stupidity so we bought some more and also some Tim Tams, because they were going cheap.

Joshua did some more Maths Seeds when we got home and then he played in the garden while I did some weeding, as we ned to get the house in decent shape for when we move out.

Deanne was feeling well enough to make tea, and a fine job she did of it. We got polenta topped with a mushroom ragù, which tasted fantastic. Josh had beans and toast as he didn’t fancy it, although he did have a try of the polenta but wasn’t too keen.

Josh would like to take his bike to the park tomorrow, apart from that nothing planned.