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Dear Mum,

Deanne took Joshy to kindy this morning, so I could set off to CentreLink at half seven. It opens at eight but if you’re not there on time it means you might have to stand in a queue for half an hour before they even let you sit down to wait to see someone. I managed to get my account sorted out and was home by about tenĀ to eight, which was lucky because Deanne was standingĀ inside the fly-wire door, stuck, as she couldn’t get the latch to turn. It opened fine once I put the key in, think it might just need an oil, so we’ll get some when we shop next time.

They got there in time anyway, so I spent the morning looking at jobs and doing applications and stuff. The only reason I mention Futurama is because they are showing them a few nights a week on one of the channels over here, so I’ve been recording them and watched a couple over lunch time, while eating my cheese and salad sandwiches and an apple.

Deanne sent me a link to a job which looks really good in the afternoon and so I filled in an application and sent it off, before collecting the boy from kindy. I think I mentioned, when we Skyped, that he’s been hugging people a bit too vigorously, so his teacher is giving him a stamp every fifteen minutes when he’s refraining from full body contact with other kids. So the picture below is of his arm today, which was apparently quite a good day!

Had leftovers, plus a cauliflower gratin that Julie sent us home with yesterday for tea. Very nice. It’s Joshy/Nana day tomorrow so I might go for a run again in the morning to try and get me motivated for a day of jobbing again!



Joshua "Nine Stamps" Ladle

Joshua “Nine Stamps” Ladle