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Mow, Mow, Mow Your Lawn

Dear Mum,
A quiet start to the day as Josh was at Nana’s house. Deanne was a little late setting off to work and when she’d gone I showered then hung out some washing.
I started dong some work but stopped when Bob turned up around ten. He left his lawn mower today, as the grass was too wet to cut when he was here. We had a bit of a look round the garden to see if anything else needed doing, then he had a cup of coffee, as we had no tea bags ’cause Deanne had taken the box to work.
After he went I got on with downloading Science from the interweb. I’ve almost finished the spreadsheet Rich gave me now, just a couple of hundred to go, plus some checking. I’ll need to Skype him at some point to check what needs doing next.
I made a cheesy potato bake for tea but forgot to parboil the potatoes, so it wasn’t cooked until half six. After we’d eaten I put Joshy to bed. The picture is a relatively standard bedtime story scene in Josh’s room.
Tomorrow is a daycare day. Hopefully I can get another hundred or two papers done.