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Ice Cream And Chocolate Sauce

Dear Mum,

It was great to speak to you and ToF this afternoon, hope the car service doesn’t cost too much!

Deanne dropped Joshua off this morning, even though she’s still under the weather. I got my running gear on and went to the park, it’s a few weeks since I ran so I took it easy and didn’t do the usual 1.5k, then 0.5k alternating run and walk, I just ran until it was too hard and then walked until I could run again. It still only took me about 46 minutes to get round the lake, so that’s not too bad.

I got a call from a colleague of the recruiter I went to see yesterday, to ask if I was interested in a role for iiNet, who supply our internet and phone line. I figured it couldn’t do any harm so said “why not?”

I did some bits and pieces of work and washing but the day flew past and it was soon time to pick Josh up. He came out of his class wearing a stethoscope he had made this week. He looked so cute, but sadly I wasn’t able to get a picture.

He had a snack then we played in the garden, after which we Skyped you. When we finished the call Josh watched a bit of TV and I finished making tea, bolognese. I also got a call from Olive, who was worried because she hasn’t heard from Julie since they went on holiday. I told her the reception is bad in the places they’ve been, so we’ve only received the occasional text and not too many phone calls.

After which I also got a Skype from three of my old colleagues, Rich, Steve and Nige, who seem in fine form. Skype really has made a big difference to emigrating, as I’m sure you are aware with two sons in different continents to that which they grew up in. It was great to see the guys again, although I didn’t find out much about what’s going on there because it mainly seemed to be me talking about what’s happening here. We’ll do it again though.

Deanne arrived home and we had dinner followed by ice cream and chocolate sauce as per the picture, then I put Josh to bed. He had the book he got out of the school library today for his bedtime story. Surprisingly about a dinosaur.

Tomorrow is Joshy Daddy day. No idea what we’re doing yet, although I think we’re going to do some reading practice with the “ABC Learning Eggs” I’ve signed up for. don’t know what they are or how they work but they’re meant to be pretty good so I’ve heard.



Chocolate Sauce Face

Chocolate Sauce Face


No Joshua

Dear Mum,
Bob came over this morning and brought his mower then mowed our lawn, which is starting to look like a lawn after a couple of cuts. He also cut back a bush, which was offending his delicate Australian sensibilities, in the back garden.
I cleaned up as he was doing it today, then when he’d had a cup of tea and a chat, and the mower had cooled down again he left and I cleaned and brushed and washed the outside of the house.
In the afternoon I hoovered and cleaned and washed the inside of the house. I also got an email from my friend Nige, from NTU. It was really nice to hear from him and prompted me to write back to him, and Rich and Steve, to let them know what’s happening in the Southern Hemisphere at the moment. I wrote it over lunch while watching Top Gear, which I recorded on Monday night.
Deanne arrived home at about half five and made a wonderful creamy mushroom pasta for tea. I washed up and then Skyped Rich, and then Dad. Hopefully Rich’ll send me an email at some point today (his today) and give me some work to do. Which sounds interesting, I’ll tell you more when I know what I’m doing.
Julie called Deanne while I was with Rich and told us that Joshua had been very good and gone to bed with no problems and was asleep five minutes after his head hit the pillow. It feels very strange not to have him here, in fact it’s the first night he’s ever stayed away from home, although he did stay at Nana’s on our anniversary when Deanne and I went to a hotel last time we were in Aus’. But it still feels unusual.
Gotta go, need to be up early to check the house is clean.