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Only Tuesday

Dear Mum,

Well the Adventure World party was great. Joshua made us go see the dinosaurs first. Then we went on a little roller coaster, which was for kids but still ended up bruising my leg and making Josh laugh the whole way round.

As we headed back to our stuff to get changed we bumped into Clayton, Penny and Lillian, who were going on the waterslide. After getting our bathers on we also went and did the same. It was really fun but Joshua didn’t like the bit at the bottom where I had to try and keep his head above the water, with limited success. Apart from that he thought it was brilliant.

We then went back to the dinosaur bit and Joshua spent some time going down the youngsters’ water slide there and then doing it again. Deanne made us a fantastic picnic and we spent some time eating that before having another wander around and look at stuff, before getting Joshua’s present (a pillow monkey thing) and grabbing his free ice cream before we came home.

The next day we went to Scitech and saw the new exhibit, about gardens. They’ve also moved a lot of the things around and set up a few new things. The picture is of an electronic face that you could move around on screen and then convert into expressions on a real robot.

Joshua also played in the building section before we went, which is the other picture.

Last but not least, I don’t know if you’ve seen the below video yet but I got quite excited when I saw it.



Robot Face

Robot Face


Joshua the Builder

Joshua the Builder