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Dear Mum,

Julie came at about half nine and took Joshua and myself to the Tropical Twist play centre. Joshua had a great time running about, climbing, sliding and bouncing. ToF may be interested to hear that Josh got a ball and was dribbling it all the way round the place, with a skill level that obviously skipped a generation. His ball control really was something else! I don’t know, maybe all four year olds’ are imbued with that kind of soccer-ing talent, but I was certainly impressed!

When the boy found out I wouldn’t be spending the whole day with them and would be dropped off on the way back to Nana’s house he was a little upset, but Nana gave him a lolly and he seemed to cheer up pretty quickly after that.

At home I did a few tasks, like washing, ironing, making the wire on a mirror longer so we can hang it and see more than just the top of our heads. My day passed pretty quickly and before I knew it Joshua was home and I was making risotto for tea.

After the boy was bathed and in bed Deanne and I tidied up some cables and other things in the computer room. I did some ironing, then we settled down in front of the TV, which I discovered yesterday we could watch (a bit like BBC iPlayer) via a cable plugged in to the laptop. It’s a little jumpy when a lot of people are on line, but otherwise we managed to catch up on an episode of Death in Paradise that we missed due to not having a TV, we’re going to watch the next episode another night.

I have included a picture of Joshua’s bathroom, including Joshua, from while he was having a bath tonight. The shower is on the left and the fixtures and fittings appear to be relatively new. It’s very nice!



Our Bathroom...and Joshua

Our Bathroom…and Joshua