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Dear Mum,
Another tiring week done! Work’s already seeming a bit more of a normal everyday thing, although the early mornings are taking their toll.
I got home at just after five, Dee and Josh had popped to the shop. Deanne also got her back scanned and has a big envelope with x-rays and cross sections of her spine. She’ll need to take them to the physio’ to see if there are any underlying problems.
I made a cheesy pasta bake with a breadcrumb and parmesan topping for tea. We were all still hungry afterwards, so Deanne suggested we go out for an ice cream to Baskin Robbins. They were very nice, mine was mainly caramel flavoured, Deanne had rum and chocolate and Josh had a rainbow sherbet one. Very tasty.
Some shopping tomorrow I think, then possibly a trip to the zoo on Sunday.