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Back Online…Again

Dear Mum,

Well, our internet is back up and running, no thanks to iiNet! They had told us that a technician had looked at the local exchange on Friday, after we had lost our collection along with half of Perth on Thursday morning. However today a proper technician from Telstra was sent to look at the issue, and rather than coming to our house and finding there was a fault he called me (at exactly three o’clock, just when I should have been picking Joshua up, but I can forgive him that as he fixed the problem) and said he was working on it.

About an hour later the missing two lights on the right hand side of the router came back on and everything started working again. The nice techie said that it was obvious that no one had done any work at the telephone exchange and that it could have been fixed much earlier if anyone had done so!

iiNet tried to call me but failed to get through, as we were busy talking to the Telstra guy. I will however be calling them up tomorrow to ask them to ensure we get the five day’s worth of money taken off our next bill, as well as an apology for the anguish, plus some kind of reimbursement from the time I’ve lost working on Rich’s project. Mostly just an apology for their appalling customer service.

Anyway, we’re back on and so we can Skype and I can apply for jobs and do some actual work again. Hooray!

Apart from the whole lack of internet we had a really nice weekend, on Saturday we went to Julie’s house, just to say hi on our way through, then headed over to Olive’s house, as we hadn’t seen Deanne’s Nana for a few weeks. As well as eating…a lot…Joshua mainly played with the toys he had taken over, as well as some of Olive’s things like a torch that was in her sitting room.

On Sunday we went to Scitech and investigated the new fairground exhibit, with a hall of mirrors and games of chance and such like. Joshua also finally agreed to try the planetarium, which was really good. It started with a girl presenting some information about our galaxy and the constellations, then flew to outside the galaxy and showed you how tiny a part of it the constellations we can see actually are. Then there was a film, narrated by Rupert Grint, Ron Weasley from Harry Potter fame, and it was about life on other planets. Joshua was a little disappointed that the show didn’t have any actual aliens in it, so we had to explain that humans haven’s actually met aliens yet!

Today when I dropped him off at school he started playing with some Lego. While he was doing so his little friend Penny arrived, came up to him and handed him an envelope with his name on it. He opened it and it was a beautiful print of her feet, covered in purple glitter and with Joshua’s name written on it. She was really proud of it (and so she should have been) and Joshua was really impressed. It’s really good that Josh has some friends at kindy, because we were worried about how he would make friends when we arrive in Aus’. But apparently we needn’t have done so!

This afternoon, because Deanne left early to pick the boy up we went to the bird hide in the park. It was great and we were out about an hour, Josh scooted and Deanne and I walked. It was great but also quite tiring.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot. We are attempting to stop the thumbsucking! we have tried a number of things but eventually settled on painting a mixture of coffee and cayenne pepper on to Joshua’s thumb before he goes to bed at night. It feels a bit like child abuse, but Joshua has embraced it with aplomb and asks for his thumb to be treated so he doesn’t suck it. It’s got a thumbs up (sorry)!

Tomorrow is another day and I have a bit of catching up to do with various things so it probably won’t be very exciting to write about, but I’ll let you know when it’s happened.



Working, thank goodness!!!

Working, thank goodness!!!