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Dinner By The River

Dear Mum,
I got home today and Deanne and Josh took me out, first to the chip shop to get dinner, then to the riverside to eat it and so Joshua could have a quick play at the playground. It was very nice, as you can see from the photo.
Tomorrow Joshua has two parties, Ella in the morning and Liam in the afternoon. On Sunday we’re going to the Zoo.
Will try and Skype, not sure which day though!



Life’s A Beach

After doing loads of stuff the last week we found ourselves at a bit of a loose end today. Julie works on a Monday and Friday so she took the car which left us at home this morning. So we packed a picnic, put on sunscreen, hats, bathers, etc. and headed for the nearest bus stop.

The bus took us to the train station at the other end of Bull Creek, then we got on a train and went one stop to Esplanade, which is one of the bridges that goes over the river. We took our stuff down, put a towel on the ground under a tree and had a quick bite to eat and a drink. When we had finished we went down to the water and Joshua spent about half an hour digging in the sand, throwing things in the water and generally enjoying himself.

Then we walked across the bridge to the little bit of beach on the other side of the river. There were some relatively big fish and some enormous jellyfish floating around in the water. On the other side we did much the same as before, only the water was a bit cleaner and there wasn’t as much litter about for Joshy to pick up. He really enjoyed pouring water on his feet and ours. After a while we dug a big hole and he filled that up with water, then we set off for the other side to have lunch after which we came home again.

Joshua had been getting a bit tired, we could tell by the way he kept shouting “I’m not tired” when we asked him. He took a bit of convincing but we finally persuaded him that a nap would be a good idea. I read him the first two chapters of Winnie The Pooh which he thought was hilarious, he laughed out loud several times, it was the first time I have had a chance to read it as he hasn’t picked it until now but I suspect he’ll be wanting more quite soon 🙂

Deanne has gone for a bit of a lay down too and I’m just doing a couple of computing things. As we bought all day bus passes we might possibly head into Perth tonight after Josh has gone to sleep, but it depends a bit on how tired we are.