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Holy Job, Batman

Dear Mum,
Great to talk to you today. As you know I now appear to have become the proud owner of a shiny new job! Which is rather exciting. However I’ll wait until after I’ve started on Monday before I write any more on that!
The big day that Joshua and I had yesterday involved a trip to the Rio Tinto Naturescape, then the Synergy playground with the animal sculptures. I’ve chucked a bunch more pictures in the Dropbox, let me know when ToF has downloaded them.
Last night was the writers group meeting. A few new people came along and we all had a good old chat about the writing process, so I got to talk quite a lot about the Snowflake Method that I used to plan my novel.
Today Josh was at daycare, I dropped Deanne off at work afterwards, as she isn’t well enough to drive yet, and then came home and worked on a job application. Which I’m not sure if I’ll finish now, although I probably should as it’s quite an interesting job.
Tomorrow we have to go buy a few things, including s birthday present for Alice, who’s party Josh is going to next weekend. Apart from that, no particular plans.
Although it’s in the Dropbox ones, I’ve put in a photo of the boy from our day out yesterday anyway, ’cause it’s a good picture.