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Nobody Expects The Rental Inquisition

Dear Mum,
It was a bit odd to be woken up by the alarm, rather than a four year old boy climbing in to our bed. Quite nice but we did both miss him. He had a good time though, apparently he and Nana were in a making mood and made all kinds of things, like dinosaurs, and a jelly, which is what the picture below is of. He brought it home with him when Deanne collected him tonight. Very tasty!
My morning was spent checking the house was clean, following the list of suggestions that the realtors sent us for the inspection. This included things like washing off any hand prints on the walls and cleaning the light switches!!!
I finished and waited, and waited. The woman didn’t turn up until quarter to twelve, which was just before the end of the time they had stated she would be there by. However at least it meant I had time to double check everything.
In the afternoon I applied for a security job through an agency.
The family got home at nearly five o’clock, I made slice and mash and corn on the cob and broccoli and cauliflower for dinner, then we had Josh’s lime jelly (I thought of Dad’s allergy to lime flavouring as I was eating it), which was very good.
Tomorrow is day care for the boy. I need to post a couple of letters. The job market seems to be slowly becoming a bit more buoyant, so I’m spending more time actually looking through ads to check if I’m suitable for things.