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Dinosaur Day

Dear Mum,
Another busy day today. I dropped Josh off at school then drove to the iiNet office/shop-front in Subiaco and they took about half an hour to swap the broken power supply unit of the TV box for a new one. I was slightly worried that whatever had blown the PSU might have fried the actual recorder too but thankfully after getting home and plugging it in everything worked as it should do!
I spent a good percentage of the day doing a cover letter for a job application that looks pretty interesting, even though it’s in Mount Lawley which is a bit of a hike. It’s another Uni’ job but more of a leadership one than the others I’ve been for. Haven’t finished yet but well on the way!
I picked Joshua up, arriving in time to hear a dinosaur book being read to his class. On the way home he told me that his teacher had got a couple of the names wrong. When I asked if he’d corrected her he told me that he had, a few times! I wish I’d heard that.
We went to the library to drop his books and Pooh DVD off, as they were due back tomorrow. He picked a couple of new books, one of which I’ve taken a picture of because he chose it all by himself and we’re never going to read all of it before it’s due back, and another Winnie The Pooh DVD. Then we headed home so I could make tea and he could watch the new video.
Tomorrow Deanne is dropping Joshua off at Kindy, so I think I’m going to go out for a run, if if isn’t heaving it down with rain.
BTW, you’re absolutely right. We do need the rain. However what I’ve worked out is that the rain isn’t just constant, like in the UK, you get a lot of dry patches, then small but incredibly heavy bursts of rain. Which means that you can’t hang the washing out, as it’s never dry for long enough for the clothes to finish drying before it rains again and everything is soaked through. It’s okay though as we seem to be managing to dry stuff on the airers.