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Ready for School

Dear Mum,

Just a quick one to say hello, welcome back to the UK and it was nice to Skype you yesterday. I’ll try and get back to ‘blogging over the next few weeks, although I have so much on at the moment that its hard to find the time.

To summarise, I’ve started writing another two books, one is a vampire comedy thing, another is about my life with diabetes, I’ve also started planning to collaborate on a musical with one of the girls from my writing group using my old songs and her ideas, finally I’ve also just asked to be a contributor for a music ‘blog called Semplesize, my first article is here.

I’m also currently running six extra Twitter accounts for characters from my book, so that is also taking up my valuable waking hours, plus some of my sleeping ones as I schedule their Tweets to go through the night.

Josh started pre-primary┬áthis morning, here’s a picture of him┬áready to go.



Joshua. Ready for School

Joshua. Ready for School