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9(:20) ’till 5(48)

Dear Mum,
Dropped Josh off at school this morning then headed to work, where a shiny new phone and nearly new laptop were waiting for me.
Jason, my new boss, had set them both up for me and so I logged on, changed my passwords then started work.
I did a couple of things today, one of which was starting to edit a document for a GP surgery, something to do with fulfilling requirements to practice, but purely the IT side of things from my perspective. I also set up a secure system for managing and sharing customer information between the two of us, as well as having a good chat to Jason, and his wife while he was talking to another IT guy he knows.
Because Deanne had been at a medical for a job this morning I was a tad later than 9am so I stayed a bit late too, however in the end we talked until close to six, so I certainly made the time up.
Dee had taken Josh with her and gone to the physio, so I made beans and toast for when they got home, Deanne had spaghetti as she doesn’t like beans though.
Then I was off again. I went to Darren’s house, to discuss the school P&C council website with him and figure out the best way of administrating it. He set it up but I’ve done some of the work to get it looking nice. We have a good idea of what to do but need some content from the P&C group to upload. The next meeting is on Wednesday so we’ll tell them what we’ve done then.
Now I have to go to bed as it’s work again tomorrow. Deanne is looking after Josh, hopefully she can cope okay with her back, but it does seem to be getting better now!


New, Faster ‘Blog

Dear Mum,

Well, we’re finally back online! Hooray!!!

These last two weeks have seemed very long, in a nutshell we arrived at the house on the morning we moved in at exactly the same time the guys turned up with a big container with all our stuff in it. They were very efficient and were out again before we knew it. We spent a couple of days still staying at Julie’s house but coming over to unpack stuff in the daytime before we actually moved in.

…and I tell you what, having our own place again feels so different to being lodgers in someone else’s house. It was so kind of them to let us stay all that time but being in a house on our own again is a-mazing!

It’s a four bed place, we’re in the master, with an en-suite, next to us is the computer room, then a spare room, currently mainly inhabited by things in a transitory state. Books which need to go back in to boxes, bits of old toys and other stuff which were packed with other things we actually needed.

The phone line and broadband have been a bit of a mare, apparently the company couldn’t do anything until the old bill was settled with the previous provider…which took ages. Then they couldn’t set up the broadband until after the phone line was sorted, and now we’re still waiting on the little box, which will hopefully provide us with a means of decoding the, as yet, undecipherable Australian television signal we can’t get on our old TV or recorder-box. Still at least we’ve now got our DVDs and UK recordings again.

Joshua settled in really quickly and decided he’d have the second biggest bedroom, it’s at the far end of the house to our room, but on the bright side it’s also right down the hall from the sitting room and kitchen/lounge so at least we don’t disturb him when he’s gone to bed.

Josh is also pretty happy that he has a whole playroom to himself, it’s the far end of the open plan kitchen dining room bit so he can play there while we’re making food or tidying up. All his toys are out and he’s having fun playing with all the things he hasn’t had since they were packed up in England.

We’re also pretty close to a (big) park which is where I took the picture of Joshy cycling this afternoon. The other picture is of him when we left school yesterday. It’s the first time it’s rained at the same time as I picked him up, so he wanted a picture of himself with the umbrella.

Gotta go, it’s getting late and Bob’s coming round in the morning to pick up his shears, which he leant us to cut the hedge out the front with.



Rain, rain, keep raining please. Fill up our dams thank you.

Rain, rain, keep raining please. Fill up our dams thank you.

Josh cycling through the park.

Josh, cycling through the park.

Sold Our Souls

Dear Mum,
This morning I dropped Deanne off at work so she could get an early start, in order for us to be able to make the four o’clock appointment at the estate agents this afternoon.
After that I headed to the bank to get a large bankers cheque made out, which was for our deposit and first two weeks rent. I headed home and called the recruitment agencies to see if anything had come up yet, which it hadn’t.
I went to Garden City to ask Telstra about getting broadband and a phone line put in when we move in to the house, not as complicated as I expected!
After lunch I sorted out our ID, etc. to take with us, then popped to the post office to post my signed NDSS form, so I can get supplies for my pump.
Finally it was time to pick Deanne up and head to the estate agents. The appointment took about an hour, as the lady had to go through all the paperwork line by line, then get us to initial each bit to agree we had understood it. Eventually we signed on the dotted lines and so now I believe they own us, and probably the next ten generations sired from us!!!
We collect the keys next Thursday and hopefully our container full of stuff arrives the same day.
More of the same tomorrow, I suspect.

Bingo…Or House…Or Whatever You Say!

Dear Mum,

As Deanne and i found ourselves at a kind of a loose end today, what with Joshua being in the caravan at Coogee with Rick and Julie, we decided to go sort out Deanne’s phone. She’s still using her UK one, which was not playing with the Australian SIM card the Vodafone shop had sold her. However finally, after a factory reset to put all the settings back to their defaults, we took it in, a nice young man updated the details for the Aussie network and it finally seems to work. I’ll let you know the number when you get back to England so you can put it in your phone book.

After that we went to look at some houses in Leeming, they weren’t in the right part of Leeming but we thought we should start getting our eyes in for what to look out for. A couple were not good (in the words of Abney and Teal), one looked very good, although that was because it was about $200,000 over our probable budget. The last one we looked at was maybe a bit tired but actually quite a promising prospect, not far off what we’re wanting to pay and the configuration of the rooms was close to what we’re after.

However none of this really helps us at the moment as we can’t really get something until our stuff is due to turn up in a couple more months, but it was interesting to take a look anyway.

Later in the afternoon we headed to the caravan park to meet up with the happy campers, we had a barbie, then went down to the beach to watch the sunset, Joshua had a great time running up and down on the beach but by the time we went back to the caravan to say good night he was too tired and wouldn’t stay another night so insisted on coming home with us (there were tears). Got back, gave him a bath then put him to bed. He was knackered.



Coogee, Coogee, Coo.

Dear Mum,

It’s been a pretty hot day today but we spent part of the morning and early afternoon sorting out a phone for Deanne. i can’t get one yet as I don’t have enough Aussie ID to prove who I am. We’ll let you know Deanne’s number when you’re back from Brazil.

This afternoon Julie and Rick took us to a beach at a place called Coogee, it was nice and really hot, Joshua dug in the sand and tried to empty the beach into the water. We stayed about an hour I think and then decided we’d been out for too long and came home. Deanne made potato wedges for tea which we had with veggie fingers.

All in all quite a nice day. I’ve finally got round to plugging our camera in to the computer and have attached a photo of the three of us at the beach.