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Science Fair

Dear Mum,

Deanne decided early on today that she wasn’t well enough to join us for any activities, so I tried to make her as comfortable as I could and then got Josh and I sorted for the day.

Our first outing was to view a house in Leeming, maybe a little over our ideal price but the estate agent told us that the market is slow and we can probably get away with low offers. The house was really nice, not dissimilar to our current place but much (much) closer to Joshy’s school. I’m looking at a couple more on Monday and will then decide what we’re going to do.

We headed home and I showed Deanne the video I made on my phone of the place, she just about managed to turn over in bed to look at it, the poor thing, and agreed that it looked a very good house.

Then Josh and I went shopping and bought some things to top up the cupboards, including some cartons of real orange juice with straws for Dee to drink while laying down, and a couple of jelly mixes, one of which you can add 200ml of a juice of your own to flavour it. Joshua decided he’d like to try one with apple juice. After which it was time for lunch, so we all had cheese sandwiches, Deanne and I toasted, Josh’s just bread.

After eating the two of us drove to the train station and went into Perth. It’s National Science Week over here at the moment and there was a science fair on in the cultural centre, which is near the museums. We saw the end of the Scitech show, which involved putting liquid nitrogen into a big tube of warm bubbly water which then shot a spout of foam in the air. When that was over there was about an hour before the next “act” so we went and looked around the WA Museum for a while, inspected the stuffed animals then looked at the fossils and the reproduction prehistoric fish.

We headed back to the stage area where Bizircus were just setting up. They were a science and magic act, if you can get your head round that. they did magic tricks and circus-type tricks, which they explained with physics and humour. It was very funny and Josh as absolutely transfixed after their first trick, which was the bloke making the woman hang in the air. I asked him if he could figure out how they did it and he said no, I agreed that I couldn’t either and it was pretty clever. The only thing that bothered me was that the guy looked and acted a lot like Glenn Robbins, who is the bloke that plays Kel in Kath and Kim, and Russell Coight in All Aussie Adventures that ToF and I used to watch, so I had trouble separating him from the characters I’ve seen on TV.

Josh had an ice cream before we left and we watched a bit of the Naked Scientist, who is an English bloke who just answers science questions posed by kids. The “naked” is because he doesn’t use any props or e.g. Google to get his facts, they are all in his head. However Joshua did say that he was expecting him not to be wearing any clothes!

I grabbed a Vanilla Diet Coke on the way back to the train station, then we went home to check on the patient. Deanne was okay, but still unable to do anything very much. Josh asked if he could do some of the Maths Seeds, which are the numeric version of the ABC Reading Eggs he has been doing. He seems much more proficient at the maths ones than the English ones, and he’s not too bad at the English ones! He continued doing those from when we got in at five until I had finished making soup for tea at about half six, he loves them.

This evening I watched the rest of a film I have been doing in shifts called Aeon Flux which, upon reaching the end, made no more sense than it had done at the start. Good effects but a loony story!

Tomorrow we have nothing planned, although there is another science and sustainability thing on, somewhere near Canning Bridge I think, so we might go to that. Deanne is Skyping Rich in the afternoon, as she has a few questions for him about an upcoming interview she has been invited to.

I liked the picture of the earring you sent, looks a little tarnished but practically good as new for 1,600 years old! Deanne likes the sound of the tea and we hope the finger isn’t hurting too much.

Sorry for the long mail but it’s been an exciting day.



Science Fair Ice Cream

Science Fair Ice Cream

The Long Walk

Dear Mum,

Because Julie was looking after Joshua today I decided I’d take a trip into the city, however I did a few other bits and bobs in the morning and waited until after I’d had my lunch to go so I didn’t have to fork out $20.00 for a limp sarnie from some disreputable eating establishment.

I got to the city some time around one and started walking (thankfully it wasn’t too hot a day or I’d have given myself sunstroke!). I walked, and walked, and walked…etc. etc. etc. I went up and down the three main shopping streets, which are each on the long side, then I traversed them via shopping arcades and side streets until I had been most of the way around the central shopping bits.

Then I went to the top end, St George’s Terrace I think it’s called, then I headed back to the other end and went towards the museums, then round Northbridge and China Town. Then back to the centre, stopping briefly at a newsagents which sold Vanilla Diet Coke, which I haven’t been able to get in about ten years. Hooray for the only place left on the planet that still stocks it!

Then I came home, where Joshua and Nana had been having a really productive day, needless to say the picture below is of Joshua’s improvising. It’s called simply “Zoo”.

Tomorrow is another Joshy/Nana day so I’ll probably do a bit of calling around of the recruitment people to see if anyone has found anything for me to do yet.





Dear Mum,

Sorry for not writing yesterday but our laptop finally arrived on Thursday and so I was setting it up last night, which took a while. However, it’s now sorted and I’m writing this on it, it’s pretty cool!

Yesterday we went to Joshua’s school to pick up his “book list”, which is just a bunch of things he needs to start Kindergarten with, notebook, marker pens, etc. We also met another lad who is probably going to be in Joshy’s class, and his name was Harry 🙂

In the afternoon I drove (on myself) to a computer shop and picked up a wireless switch to plug in to Julie’s router, which means that we can actually use all our devices, tablet, phones and laptop around the house rather than having to use their laptop.

For tea yesterday we actually went into Perth city as it was Chinese new year, so we watched some dancing dragons (Joshua wasn’t too keen), then bought some food. Joshua had a pizza, which he all but one slice of, Deanne and I had burritos which were very filling. We got home late-ish so Josh didn’t have a bath, but we had swum quickly before going out so he was okay.

This morning Julie took us to the markets at Kalamunda, they were quite good and we stopped for a drink half way round, then before we went found a toy shop and looked at the dinosaurs and Toy Story toys.

This a’vo the three of us went to see Big Nana, who gave us all the gossip. Then we went to Point Walter so Josh could have a ride on his bike and a play on the playground there, we also had an ice cream.

I’ll Skype you tomorrow at 10, your time.