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Happy Christmas

Dear Mum,
Hope you’ve had a good day, I tried Skyping Rich a few times but I suspect you’re at one of the many parties, you mentioned, with him.
We had a brilliant day ourselves. Josh came into our room at about six to report that Santa had been, so we got up and opened a bunch of presents, including the two boxes of Lego, dinosaur themed Matchbox cars and the Old Spinosaurus from Dinosaur Train, that you bought him.
He was very pleased but just a little disappointed that he hadn’t got the Octopod from the Octonauts, which he had written himself on his Xmas list. He was, therefore, rather glad when Pops turned up with some more presents, including the Octopod!
We made breakfast, fruit toast, nice bread, hash browns, poached eggs, etc. and chatted to Bob until about half eleven, then headed to Julie’s.
There were even more presents at Julie’s house, plus all the relations you could shake a stick at (don’t worry, we didn’t). There was food and drink and sun and then swimming in the pool between courses. What can I say, my first Australian Christmas!!!
I forgot to take my phone this a’vo but thought you might like a picture which sums up Joshua’s day, as it shows his Octopod, Lego, beach towel and bathers plus his new school bag, as well as the beanbag that Janice bought him, which he also loves.
It’s been a good day, but I have missed you all.
Lots of love