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Joshy/Mummy/Daddy Day

Dear Mum,

While Julie is away Deanne has booked Wednesdays off, for the days that Josh is at home rather than at school. It therefore felt a bit like a Saturday today because until I get a contract through and/or hear back from the University I’m still at home.

We headed out to the Tropical Twist play centre this morning and had an hour or two there, while Josh got out a bit of his pent up energy. He enjoyed himself and Dee and I chatted about various stuff, it was really nice. At one point Joshua was playing with one of the balls which they leave laying about there, he decided to shoot some hoops with it. I was more than a little surprised when he scored, twice. The picture is of him just about to get the ball through the basket for the second time!!!

Josh and I had Julie’s homemade pasties at lunch time, Dee had cheese on bread machine produced toast. In the afternoon Deanne and Josh watched a movie while I did some work on the school uniform shop accounts, to try and make sense and see any patterns in the data. The main reason I did this was because the P&C meeting was on tonight so I went along to that after tea, which was a cheesy tomato pasta that Dee made and was very nice.

It was a good meeting and I actually had to talk a bit about the school website that I’ve been doing some work on. I’ll show you it when it’s finished and published. It’s nice to be part of the meetings and to feel like I’m adding something with the odd comment or two I make. I’m also learning a lot more about Australia by taking part in them.

Tomorrow it’s just Joshy and me again, he has made me aware that he’d like to go back to the same play centre we were at today, which is okay because Julie bought a three month pass a while back and we can use it while she’s away.