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Afternoon Nap

Dear Mum,
This morning Dee and I were doing housework and paperwork, during which time Josh did some cutting and drawing, as per the photo.
Deanne made some fruity-grainy slicey things, then after lunch I packed some snacks and drinks and we went to the park, taking Josh’s bike.
Sadly Joshua got a bit grumpy so we didn’t spend a lot of time there. When we got back he put himself to bed and slept for about two and a half hours, so apparently he was tired.
I made baked potatoes and salad for tea, then Josh had jelly and ice cream for pudding.
Tomorrow is kindy for the boy, I’ll be doing some of Rich’s work, as well as a few other bits and pieces. Dee will be at work, obviously.


Eggs and Beans

Dear Mum,

My last day as a free man today! Work starts tomorrow and I really don’t know what to expect of it. I’m sure I’ll let you know though.

After Deanne left for work this morning I set up the laptop so Joshua could start on the Reading Eggs, a learning to read course on the ABC site. I’ve included a photo below of one of the “games”. He played for about an hour and a half, which really surprised me. He loved it. The games were pretty good and revolved around identifying letters, then words in things like letter searches, tapping a letter to make a sound and making animals jump from letter to letter to reach a goal.

Once he was done we had lunch, baked beans, then went to the Tropical Twist playcentre, as the ticket runs out at the end of this week. There was a lot of running around and climbing, mainly by Joshua, so when we got home he had a snack then went for a nap for a couple of hours. In which time I didn’t do a great deal, as I figured I’ll be at work tomorrow so an hour or two watching a film wouldn’t be a bad move.

Josh watched an episode of Walking With Dinosaurs as I made tea. I’m amazed how much he still likes them and watches at least one episode of one of his “Walking With” DVD’s a week, they were a very good present!

Deanne got home just before the Korma I made was ready, she went to the physio’ again after work, but he can’t do anything until her back has recovered enough for some manipulation. Poor thing is still having to lie on the floor rather than sitting on the sofa.

I’m dropping Josh off at daycare in the morning, trying to get to work for nine o’clock. Not sure what’s happening after that.



ABC Reading Eggs

ABC Reading Eggs

Snuggles Has Left The Building

Dear Mum,
Deanne was in a baking mood today, and we didn’t have anything else planned. So while Josh played in the garden and I hung out some washing, she made some chunky monkey cookies, an apple pie, an apple strudel to put in the freezer and (in the afternoon) chocolate chip cookies. We also have some leftover lemon slice from yesterday and a few other frozen bits and pieces.
Toasted sandwiches for lunch, then we went to look at a house for sale in Leeming, not that we’re planning on buying any time soon, but we want to get our heads round what’s out there.
After that we took Josh to Kings Park, but sadly we had to curtail the trip due to tiredness and grumpiness (his, not ours). After getting home he went to bed and slept for a couple of hours.
I made crushed potatoes for dinner, with some sausages and vegetables. Apple pie for pudding, Josh had ice cream we had cream, it was lovely. We still have half of it left so I suspect it’ll be on the menu tomorrow night too.
I also used the sausage mix I froze weeks ago to make some sausage rolls, which we might use for lunches, etc. A lot of cooking today!
Deanne is still not quite better from the balance problems, plus she tripped on the sofa and re-hurt her back again, so she’s hobbling around in some discomfort at the moment. I’m sure she’ll be fine but she’s had a tough couple of weeks.
I suspect I may hear back from the new boss about a starting date in the next day or two, it’ll be funny going to work again.
Snuggles finally left the building of his own accord tonight and stayed out for a good hour or two. We’re very proud.


Tropically Twisted

Dear Mum,

Snuggles decided that throughout the middle of last night was a good time to a) dig noisily in his litter tray, b) scratch at the furniture, and finally, but most noisily c) stand at the laundry room glass door and yowl in a terrifying manner at a big fluffy white cat standing outside the door.

This meant that none of us got a good nights rest, especially Deanne who had trouble getting back to sleep afterwards. So this morning we were all a little on the grumpy side – with The Snugs! However we managed to make it out of bed and got dressed, etc. Just a little on the late side compared to normal.

After Dee had gone to work Josh and I read for a while, then played for a bit before having a snack. After he had finished he decided it was a good time to play with the table mats in the dining room, first of all turning them into a bus shelter, with three small ones for the walls and a big one for the roof and floor, then he realised that the two big ones looked a bit like a laptop and so he did some typing. When I asked him what he was writing he told me that he was “sending some pictures to Grandma”, so I thought I’d take a photo.

Once shoes were on we went to the Tropical Twist play centre again, as Joshua really wanted to, we ran around a lot! On the way home we stopped into Nana’s house to pick up their mail, went to the shops after that and I bought some Diabetes stuff, after which is was home for lunch, then a nap for the boy.

Almost two hours later he got up again. We went outside and played with the balls for a while but then I had to come in and make tea, but Josh stayed outside for a bit and kept throwing and kicking.

Deanne got home at about half five and we ate slice, mash and veg for tea. When we’d finished Deanne called her Mum so Joshua could thank her for the t-shirt she sent him, then Joshua called Donna to say thank you for a hologramatic dinosaur table mat she sent him the other day. He’s not brilliant on the phone but getting better, he does however still finish what he’s saying (quickly) then just hands the phone back to whoever is nearest to him. Deanne is shopping at the moment but shouldn’t be too much longer.

Tomorrow he’s at daycare, I received my contract from the probable new boss today so I need to check that out and decide what to do. I’ll probably also (finally) start on Rich’s next bit of work.



Joshua, Sending A Picture To Grandma

Joshua, Sending A Picture To Grandma

I Don’t Need A Nap

Dear Mum,
Because Josh was late to bed (for no particular reason) last night, he didn’t get his story. So this morning he brought about ten books into our bed and I read them all to him. They weren’t particularly short stories either. This meant that he and I weren’t out of bed until nine o’clock.
We had breakfast then hung some washing out, which seems to take considerably longer when you’re assisted by a four year old!
For lunch Josh wanted beans and toast, I had a cheese and baked beans toasted sandwich, which I rather enjoyed. By the time we finished the boy was getting a bit fractious, so I insisted he have a nap.
That was at one-ish. He got up again at about four. Obviously he “wasn’t tired”, from the amount of times he cried this phrase to me before he went to sleep.
When he woke up we got the washing in, then played in the garden (which is when I took the photo) until it was time to make tea. I put on some pasta and reheated the bolognese sauce Deanne had made at the weekend. It was very good, tasted really bolognese-y, if you know what I mean!
This evening I finished putting together my new website and spec’ing up some business cards for my IT Support thing, Dee has been working on the laptop, but that’s fine ’cause I needed to do some Photoshopping on the desktop. I’m quite impressed that I still have the talent to put a whole website, including logos and text, together in about two or three hours!
Josh is at daycare tomorrow so I can get on with a few things that I’ve failed to do while I’ve had him at home this week.


Triassic Fun Park Party

Dear Mum,
It’s the first day of a long weekend today, and it’s a relatively busy one for us. Tomorrow we’ve got Bob coming over for lunch, on Monday we’re going to Julie’s for lunch. Josh would also like to visit the Zoo, if we can fit it in!
Today was Leo’s party. It was at the Triassic Fun Park, where Joshy had his birthday. Apparently, as soon as Josh’s party had finished Leo came out and said “I want my birthday party there!”
It was quite good because it was a slightly different bunch of kids to the ones Joshua normally hangs out with, some were even from the other class. Joshua really enjoyed it and played with all the boys there (no girls at this party, whether by accident or design I don’t know?!).
The boy had a nap in the afternoon, about two and a half hours, then we had tea.
I’ll try and Skype you tomorrow before you go, to check how your arm is.


Ride Like The Wind Joshua

Dear Mum,

It was a relaxing day today, in that we didn’t have anything planned. Joshua and I played with his Lego and his little plane launching ramp after we woke up and that kept us quiet for most of the morning. We decided to go to Bull Creek shops on the bikes (Deanne on hers and me walking to help Josh on his), but then realised it was lunch time so had various versions of cheese with stuff, Deanne had a sandwich, I had leftovers and Joshua had cheese with crackers, which is apparently a big favourite at kindy too. Pretty sure for the staff as it’s easy to hand out for snack time!

So after lunch they got their cycling helmets on (it’s illegal to go an a bike without them over here), then we set off. It doesn’t seem that far when you drive there but when you’re pulling and pushing a nearly-four year old on his bicycle it’s quite a long way. We exchanged the cycle helmet Deanne had bought from Target which was a bit too big, then went to Woolworths to get a few bits of shopping.

Then we went and bought an iced bun which was almost as big as Joshy’s head and he ate half of it and drank the carton of drink we bought for him in Woolies before we set off for home again.

We had the intention of going swimming when we got back, but Joshua just wanted to watch some TV and then got in a bad mood and misbehaved so we put him in time out in his room for five minutes, and after the five minutes had passed and Deanne went to check on him he had put himself to bed and was fast asleep, for an hour and a half.

Then we Skyped you.

Tomorrow Josh is at Kindy, Deanne is at work and I’m applying for a bunch of jobs.



Joshua on his bike

Ride like the wind Joshua

In The Wars

Dear Mum,

This morning Julie, Josh and I went to a dinosaur themed play centre. We arrived at about 9:30 and stayed until midday. I’ve attached a picture at the bottom which is actually Joshua, but he’s travelling down the curly slide so fast that he’s just a blur 🙂

While we were there he had an ice lolly and a blackcurrant and apple drink, then at about 11:30 Nana bought a big bowl of potato wedges and he had a few of them (I tried to put him off as it as near lunch time but he did seem very hungry and didn’t heed my suggestions. He had a great time and only had one small incident where he accidentally ran into a mesh fence and hurt his nose a little bit, but he only took a minute to recover before he was up and running again.

I forgot to take socks for him with us (they have to wear socks on the play centre equipmment) so i had to buy him some there. They only cost three dollars and have dinosaurs on them, and weren’t actually bad quality, so I didn’t feel too bad about it.

When we got back at about half twelve I made some little pizzas for us and he ate the whole thing. Pretty sure he’s growing!

I put him down for a nap but while I was reading a story to him (Winnie The Pooh – The Heffalump) but half way through he did something which must have knocked off a scab on his ankle, which he got at kindy earlier this week. I managed to get my hand under his leg before he bled on Julie’s cream carpets (he bled a lot!) and took him to the bath, where it got a bit of a wash and a plaster on it.

After his nap we went to the park down the road and played on the playground for a while, although before we started playing he had insisted on taking the book he brought home from school and reading it 🙂 However while he was playing he tried to drop down between tow bits of metal and headbutted the front and back of his head on them. He cried…third time today 😦

But it didn’t take too long for him to recover and then we finished playing, had a quick bite to eat and then came home (after watching some ants carrying some bits of oats from the bar we had been eating back to their nest.

Anyway, that’s the most he’s hurt himself for some time, hopefully the bad luck comes in threes thing is going to hold and that’s the end of it.

Tomorrow we’re going to scitech, which is the science and technology museum place, so that should be fun.




Haircut 100 (dollars)!!!

Dear Mum,

Only joking, it actually cost $42 to get mine and Joshua’s hair cut today, although it was worth it, we both look great!

He and I went out first thing this morning, but went to Woolworths first to buy him a new toothbrush and toothpaste, then we went and looked but it was before nine so the hairdresser was still closed so we headed to Target and had a look at the videos and toys, he is most impressed at the enormous volume of Dinosaur Train DVDs over here, as well as Movies which we have on the recorder currently shipping over from the UK, so won’t be buying.

After getting home again Deanne, Josh and I went to his school and Joshua showed Dee around, we let him walk the way he wanted to as we’re trying to let him get used to it before he starts there on Monday. He seems much happier about the idea of going than he did at first, which is nice.

The we went to see a little Bob The Builder show which was running for the summer holidays up the road, it consisted of a woman dancing with someone dressed up as Bob in one of those big suits, which I don’t envy in this weather. It lasted for half and hour, and although he didn’t join the other kids dancing he stared entranced (or possibly scared) the whole time.

He actually had another nap this afternoon, he keeps saying I’m not tired in a grumpy voice, then goes down and sleeps for about two hours until we have to wake him up so he’ll actually go to bed.

Tomorrow morning Julie is looking after him and we’re going to Centrelink, which is a bit like a benefits office. Bob has mentioned it’s where all the lowest denominations of society hang out, so we’re looking forward to that. But we have to get Joshy a CRN number before we can get any sort of idea about what the Day Care place is going to charge to look after him.

Oh yes, i also found out today that I can’t get my NDSS stuff signed off because I have an insulin pump which was prescribed in another country. So I have to see an endocrinologist to get a rubber stamp on some paperwork before I can get subsidised consumables, like infusion sets and blood test sticks. Ridiculous!!!



Tour De Bull Creek

Dear Mum,

We had another quiet-ish day, mainly due to the bank holiday. This morning Deanne made a little picnic for snack time and we went out so Joshua could take his bike out for another ride, we went to the school again where he was riding it the other day. This time we stopped and Josh played on the playground at the school, climbing frames, slides, monkey bars, not like the school playgrounds in the UK!

We were quite impressed because he managed to ride pretty much the whole way back to Julie’s without a lot of intervention from us, obviously we helped him across the roads and over a few “tricky bits” as he calls them, but in the space of about four go’s he has learnt how to pedal and steer all by himself.

This afternoon we went to try and buy a car seat, but the shop we went to didn’t have a lot in the way of stock, even though it had said on their website that they did. Mainly we’re getting one so we don’t have to mess about swapping our one between our car and Julie’s when she is picking him up from Day Care (what they call nursery) or looking after him.

He had a nap this afternoon and Deanne made a fantastic risotto for tea.

I might try Skypeing Rich in the morning, see if I can catch you before you head back to Blighty.