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No, Rain!

Dear Mum,

Sever weather warnings today! Apparently there are only usually a couple of days like this per year, so at least one of them is out of the way now.

I think I need a plan for the rest of the holidays in case the weather is like this again, as most of today was spent eating, building Lego and watching TV (again).

Josh is going to Nana’s tomorrow, as Donna has fractured her ankle and so Julie is flying up to see her on Wednesday and Thursday, before her and Richard go on their seven week jaunt in the caravan.

We did have a couple of trips out today, one to the bank to pay some money in and buy some milk, then this a’vo we went to the local shopping centre and got some matches (so we can light the stove if there is a power cut – electric ignition system for gas hobs), pears for Joshy and some parmesan cheese to make risotto for dinner with.

Don’t know what the weather will be like tomorrow, hopefully not as wet, but I have a couple of things to do, like buying some diabetes supplies which I have to drive into Perth for.

The picture is one which Josh quickly penned in the bank, while I was paying the money in. It’s a very good likeness of Mummy, I was really impressed as he drew it in about half a minute. It would be a bit shocking if he could draw as Deanne and I are both artistically underwhelming in the pencil on paper stakes.