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Brave Little Soldier

Dear Mum,

Took Josh to the doctors this morning for his final two jabs, he was really brave but the second one brought a few tears to his eyes. He took a little while to recover but after the nurse gave him a Milky Way and he’d played in the twisty office chair for a while as I was answering questions about his health and general well being he finally felt well enough to eat the chocolate bar.

In the afternoon we took his bike to the park and he rode a few kilometers. I also took along a wrench and we tried his stabilisers at different heights and also tried removing them completely. He couldn’t quite balance on himself but he finished with them raised as high as they could go so I think he’ll be there before too long.

We stopped off at the bike ramps on the way home as he wanted to try going on them, initially on his bike with my help, then just running up and sliding down on his bum. He loved it.

As you know Deanne got home early as she really wasn’t feeling very well, partly the bad back and partly, I think, the stress of everything that’s going on at the moment. Hopefully the next visit to the physio on Saturday will help.

Gotta go to bed as I need to be up early in the morning to drop Josh off and get to work.



Josh On A Ramp

Josh On A Ramp