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Growing Boy

Dear Mum,

After getting home from work tonight we had tea, then we started Joshy’s bedtime routine. However, for some reason Joshua seemed to want to have his independence today. First of all he washed his own hair, I only helped out a bit with the rinsing right at the end. He finished bathing, after setting up his experiment (he does a different one every night, it was stuffing a flannel into one of his plastic test tubes this evening) he got out and took his towel, drying himself and then telling me that he would get himself dressed.

He opened the door to his room a minute later dressed in his pyjamas, without anything back to front or inside out. Then he went and brushed his teeth (while I dried his hair). Afterwards he went through to the sitting room to tell Deanne all of the things he had done on himself, he was very proud.

I’ll leave you with the picture he¬†brought home from school.



Big Joshua

Big Joshua