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Immigration Station

Dear Mum,
Deanne and I got up early today, dropped Joshua off at Julie’s house and went into Perth. There was a seminar on for people who are new to Australia. So we headed along and talked to the tax people, the pension transfer people and I chatted to a few people about jobs. It was actually quite informative.
We picked Josh up again (after Julie had given us some toasted sandwiches for lunch, yum) and went to Garden City to drop off a top Deanne ordered, that didn’t fit her right.
When we got home we asked Joshy what film he would like to watch, as it was raining, and so we spent the rest of the afternoon with Cars on.
After it finished we made tea, a cauliflower and potato soup, and Skyped you. When I’d finished talking to you I Skyped Rich too, who seems pretty happy. He actually suggested that I might be able to help him and Anna by doing some IT consultancy for them, so I’ll cross my fingers and hope he finds the time to sort it out. We’re also (possibly) going to try recording some music together, which should be fun… Again IF Richard can actually manage to keep his side of the deal :-p
Looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow, and Paul and Kym.
Hope you managed to find Kym some shoes in Dorchester.


Dinner Time