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A Morning Aria

Dear Mum,
This morning Deanne’s Aunty Ronda came over to visit. She bought her granddaughter Aria with her, to play with Joshua. Aria is only three but they played pretty well together.
We popped to the shops in the afternoon to try and get some sticky labels in preparation for the move. We also stopped for a quick drink, hot chocolate for Deanne, babychino for Josh and I had a nutty, creamy hot chocolate myself.
We popped to Julie’s house for a bit, then home again to watch Ice Age 4, which we recorded last weekend and hadn’t had the chance to see yet. It was quite good and Joshua really enjoyed it.
Made baked potatoes for tea, using Dave and Emma’s recipe of rubbing a bit of oil and salt in before baking them. It makes the skins really crispy and tasty. Especially because I used some oil from sun dried tomatoes!
Josh actually slept in our bed last night, because when we went to check on him at about 10pm he was boiling hot and sweaty. We got him changed then carried him through, thankfully by the morning he was okay and, in fact, I don’t think he felt at all ill. But we did it just to be on the safe side. The way his appetite is at the moment I think he might just be growing!
Seeing Bob in the morning to try and fix his phone, which is playing up. Other than that nothing planned so far.