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Family Trip – Hooray!

Dear Mum,

I won’t write much as the Skype chat was fairly thorough.

Not too busy this morning, Joshy did some more maths seeds, played outside a bit and watched some Dinosaur Train, Deanne had a hot bath and then had a nap while Joshua and I had lunch, cheese sandwiches (it’s a theme!). Josh and I got ready then when Dee woke and dressed we jumped in the car and drove to Coogee Beach.

First we bought a cake from the Dome, which is a restaurant/café chain over here. Josh had a little chocolate elephant sweetie, Deanne had fruit toast and I had a florentine, which obviously made me think of you. It was very nice.

Joshy played on the beach afterwards and had a fine old time, although he was the only person in the water. In fact apart from one other family, who we noticed were Poms, we were the only people on the beach at all! The weather was okay, mostly cloudy but warm enough for just a t-shirt for me, Deanne was a bit more rugged up but she is still on the ill side, although much better today I think. Josh was just in his bathers, although we had some clothes for after he got dried.

I made slice and mash for tea then I put the boy to bed and did a bit of ironing before writing this.

Tomorrow is a kindy day so I’ll be dropping the boy off before coming home and doing some of Rich’s work. Although I have a parcel to collect from the delivery office, which I think may contain part of your birthday present. But I’ll only know when I pick it up.



Josh in the Sea

Josh in the Sea