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O Is For Octopus

Just a quickie tonight ’cause I’m tired from running round the lake today!

Spent most of the day looking through scientific papers and writing down grid references, say hi to Rich, Ana and Jasmine, by the way.

Went for the aforesaid run at about lunchtime, got back, had lunch and then did some more work. After that I went to pick Josh up from Julie’s house. The poor thing has a bit of a cold and so was a bit cry-ey over dinner and bath-time, even though he had some Calpol. In the car on the way home he said he had an itchy throat, poor little boy.. I’ll check on him before I go to sleep to make sure he’s okay and doesn’t have a temperature.

Made Fajitas for tea, quite nice but I need to put a bit more of the spice mix in next time, we got it in a spice jar, like the ones you get for e.g. herbs back in the UK, so it needs some fine tuning.

I may possibly have a few days off the ‘blog, as we have a lot to do around the house in preparation for the move in a week’s time, but I’ll write when I get a chance.

Will try and speak to you, Dad, Rich, Ana and Jasmine over the weekend.

The picture is the lollipop Josh made at kindy this week for the letter O, we were very impressed by his colouring in!



O Is For Octopus

O Is For Octopus