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Potted History

Dear Mum,

I need to get to bed (again) so will only do a potted version of the day.

Went to argue with the estate agents a bit at the start of the day, then took Joshua to Piney Lakes Park, he had a great time and we also ate our lunch there,peanut butter and Vegemite sandwiches.

In the afternoon he and I made a lemon cake, hence the outfit in the photo, it turned out okay but I think next time I might need to bake the base for just a teeny bit longer, so it’s slightly less squishy.

We popped to Julie’s house and gave it a quick vacuum, as the travellers are back tomorrow afternoon.They’re going to pop over at about five so I might see them if they hang around long enough for me to get back from work.

I made pasta for dinner, a bolognese, Dee didn’t get back in time for tea as she went shopping straight from work, hopefully we now have enough food to last until we move house, more or less.

Josh is at daycare tomorrow and Deanne and I are at work, so I’ll sign off for now.

Oh, we got the house, by the way!



Joshua The Baker

Joshua The Baker