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Dear Mum,
Another tiring week done! Work’s already seeming a bit more of a normal everyday thing, although the early mornings are taking their toll.
I got home at just after five, Dee and Josh had popped to the shop. Deanne also got her back scanned and has a big envelope with x-rays and cross sections of her spine. She’ll need to take them to the physio’ to see if there are any underlying problems.
I made a cheesy pasta bake with a breadcrumb and parmesan topping for tea. We were all still hungry afterwards, so Deanne suggested we go out for an ice cream to Baskin Robbins. They were very nice, mine was mainly caramel flavoured, Deanne had rum and chocolate and Josh had a rainbow sherbet one. Very tasty.
Some shopping tomorrow I think, then possibly a trip to the zoo on Sunday.


Holy Job, Batman

Dear Mum,
Great to talk to you today. As you know I now appear to have become the proud owner of a shiny new job! Which is rather exciting. However I’ll wait until after I’ve started on Monday before I write any more on that!
The big day that Joshua and I had yesterday involved a trip to the Rio Tinto Naturescape, then the Synergy playground with the animal sculptures. I’ve chucked a bunch more pictures in the Dropbox, let me know when ToF has downloaded them.
Last night was the writers group meeting. A few new people came along and we all had a good old chat about the writing process, so I got to talk quite a lot about the Snowflake Method that I used to plan my novel.
Today Josh was at daycare, I dropped Deanne off at work afterwards, as she isn’t well enough to drive yet, and then came home and worked on a job application. Which I’m not sure if I’ll finish now, although I probably should as it’s quite an interesting job.
Tomorrow we have to go buy a few things, including s birthday present for Alice, who’s party Josh is going to next weekend. Apart from that, no particular plans.
Although it’s in the Dropbox ones, I’ve put in a photo of the boy from our day out yesterday anyway, ’cause it’s a good picture.


None Of My Business

Dear Mum,
I’ve had a bit of man-flu the past couple of days, so today I tried to relax a bit. I did do some work but not too much.
After dropping Josh off at daycare I spent a good chunk of the day sitting on the sofa watching recorded stuff on TV. Including Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, very good; Top Gear; Mythbusters; Futurama; and finally half of a film called Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, which is pretty funny so far.
Before collecting the boy, I had to go pick up a parcel, which AusPost tried to deliver in the fifteen minutes I was dropping Josh off this morning. Then I went to daycare to get him and we came home. Apparently he played with Aiden and Kaden today, which is at least easy to remember! Paige wasn’t in.
I made roast veg’, veggie rolls (bought ones, for us), chicken nuggets (for Joshua), broccoli, cauliflower and corn on the cob. It was very tasty. Joshua and I had ice cream and orange chocolate Ice Magic for pudding, Deanne abstained.
This evening I ordered some business cards, postcards and fridge magnets for the IT techie business I am planning to start, Deanne is busy filling out some government forms, to defer her student debt repayments for a year until we’re fully sorted, as the cost is pretty big and it’ll make life a bit easier while I’m still freeloading.
We have to do a bit of shopping and cooking tomorrow, as our friends Will and Jodi are coming round in the evening. Julie has offered and Joshua has agreed to stay at her house, so we don’t have to worry about waking him up, which is nice. Not sure if I’ll manage a post as we’ll be busy socialising.
Completely forgot to say. Yes please, we’d love a copy of the villa magazine article. And yes, loom bands are all the rage here too. Luckily Joshua still doesn’t seem to have caught on to trends!
The picture is Snugs, keeping me company today, but frankly if could have been me sitting on the sofa in much the same position!


1,100 Papers

Dear Mum,
Joshua was raring to go this morning when I dropped him off at daycare. He almost ran off to join the other kids before I’d got a kiss and a cuddle! Which is good because even up to a couple of weeks ago he was still a bit clingy.
I got home and got on with my downloading. I have now been through over 1,100 lines of the spreadsheet and so have less than 400 to go. Another day of two and I should finish this first bit of the work for big bro’.
Skyped you before collecting Joshy, he mentioned a new friend called Aiden, so I assume that might have something to do with his earlier keen demeanour. Then we waited for a visit from Julie, who arrived with some home made pasties, half a vegetable pie (which I heated up with some veg’ and gravy for tea), half a lemon meringue pie and half an apple cake. Apparently she had been in a baking mood!
Thankfully it’s the weekend now. We’re going out tomorrow to get some presents and cards for the twins’ birthday on Wednesday, then drop some books back at the library.
In case you’ve been wondering about how The Snugs has been settling, in I took this picture to show you that he appears pretty happy. I don’t think it’ll be too much longer now before we let him adventure out into the big wild Aussie world.


The Girl With No Name

Dear Mum,
Before I took Joshua to daycare today we took the attached photo of him with his dilophosaurus, so we could send it to Deanne at work.
I dropped him off and came back to a couple of loads of wishing and then some job hunting. A relatively productive day, applied for one and did some decent investigations into some other bits and pieces.
I picked the boy up at half three and he told me that he’d been playing with the same girl he played with last week, but he couldn’t remember her name. However after we’d picked Deanne up at five thirty he suggested it might have been Book…or possibly Brooke, my money is on the latter. Anyhow he seems to have finally made a friend there, so hopefully next week he’ll be a little happier about going there.
Tomorrow is, of course, our anniversary! So Deanne and I are going out for lunch at a (hopefully) nice place out in the hills towards Bob’s house. We’re quite looking forward to it, and hopefully Joshua is looking forward to lunch with Nana and Poppy Richard!


Talking Rubbish

Dear Mum,

Well, today was the big day..but I’ll get to that in a bit. I dropped Josh off at daycare and he was pretty cool about it. It’s taken longer for him to get comfortable with daycare than kindy, but I guess he only goes there once a week so that’s not really a surprise.

I didn’t do a great deal more revision for the interview this a’vo as I decided I’d stuffed as much into my head as I could fit without it exploding in a shower of IT. So instead I did the washing up and some washing and hanging out of clothes I’d set to wash before I took Joshy in.

At half one, about half way through Star Trek, The Next Generation (I think I may have spent too long at home!) I got changed into my trousers and shirt, packed my tie in my bag and headed out carrying my jacket. The temperature was somewhere around 30° so I wasn’t going to wear everything or I’d have arrived as a damp mess.

I got there in about an hour and ten minutes, so quicker even than when I tried it last week, I got myself dressed up and then had a couple of minutes to kill so I read the job-spec’ and did a blood test (then had a couple of Jelly Babies as I was 4.6mmol/l and didn’t want to drop during the interview). After which it was time to go in.

The guy who met me seemed nice and had only been in the job a matter of months, his other colleagues arrived after a few minutes and hadn’t been working there much longer. It sounds like there was a big re-org’ about a year ago so a good percentage of the people there are new-ish.

I don’t really know what to say about the interview itself, I think I did okay on a few of the questions, quite badly on one and no idea about the rest! The bad one was one I should have nailed as it was asking the difference between a risk, a threat and a vulnerability. You would imagine with my working history and my encyclopaedic knowledge of the English language that I’d have done pretty well at that, but I stumbled and stuttered through and don’t think I actually did a very good job of addressing the question. Still not to worry! 🙂

When I got home Deanne was making tea, the trip back had taken about the same amount of time as getting there so with a bit of polishing I could probably get it down to about an hour…if they actually thought I was okay and decided to offer me the role! She had taken Joshua to the library to return his books and DVD and get some new ones, so he was watching a DVD of Winnie The Pooh when I arrived.

We finally received our Scitech tickets yesterday so I think Josh and I are going to go there tomorrow to play on the exhibits and have a picnic.



Party Time

Dear Mum,

Joshua was at daycare today so I did a few things round the house, like washing, cleaning, etc. But nothing very exciting really.

After picking Joshy up he and I drove to pick Deanne up and then we headed home to get ready for the party Joshua had been invited to. It was at the play-gym that Julie and I took him to a month or two back and there was a good percentage of the kids from his class there. It started at 5:00 this afternoon and there was a guy from the gym who led the activities.

Joshy’s favourite thing they did was a game where two people were “chimpanzees” and the rest were “little monkeys”, and the chimps had to tag the monkeys so it could be their turn to tag people.

At about 6:00 it was time for them to eat, there were sandwiches, mini doughnuts, carrot and cucumber sticks and a few other bits and pieces. Josh ate most of what was on his plate and then said he was ful and went and sat on Deanne’s knee…until he discovered that pudding was an ice-cream cake (always makes me think of my birthdays when I was little!), at which point he went and sat back down (next to Ryan, they spent a fair chunk of the time there together) and had a slice. Although to be fair he did actually leave one (small) spoonful, so he must have been quite full.

It was good because we got to talk to a few of the other parents from kindy and then after getting home I put him to bed and Deanne went and bought the two of us potato fritters and chips for tea, so that was nice.

Tomorrow Deanne and I are going in to the bank to discuss mortgages a bit, although after seeing the guy the other night we might not really need it, but it might be interesting to see the difference between the bank and the broker. We’re also probably going to see Bob in the afternoon so that should be fun.

Afraid I haven’t been taking many pictures the last couple of days as I haven’t spent a great deal of time with the boy, or else haven’t taken pictures when I have been with him.