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What’s Going On???

…is pretty much how I feel at the moment. The last few weeks have just flown by, mainly because one of my colleagues was off work for a month, so I’ve been doing every other week on call. Quite tired!

On the bright side, I had the day off work yesterday, mainly to look after Joshua as Deanne was busy. In the afternoon I took him out for an ice cream and a babyccino, I had a Diet Coke. Afterwards we took a ball to the nearby park and had a kick/throw/run about, as per the picture.

Not much planned for the weekend, although I’m swapping weekends with one of the other guys so will be on call (again), although that’s a pretty good thing as it leaves me free for Joshua’s “friend” party next weekend.

Deanne and I have both had man-flu this week too, I even had to come home early from work on Tuesday because I felt so grotty. I thought I was better but was not so great again this morning. Nearly over it now though, touch wood.

Will probably Skype at the weekend.