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Power Cut

Dear Mum,

Deanne dropped Josh off this morning, I did a few bits and pieces on the laptop until my internet connection dropped off. I scratched my head for a few moments, until I had a vague recollection of the fact that someone drove into the local roadside power box the other night, it was bent and ugly and they had penned it off but it was working. However I surmised that they were probably fixing it.

I assumed it wouldn’t take too long so I tried to find a few things to do. Couldn’t hoover, couldn’t put the washing machine on, couldn’t even make anything warm for an early lunch, so eventually I decided that it had stopped raining enough for a run, so I put my kit on and headed to the park.

This time it took me about 36 minutes to run around the lake, that’s almost 10 km/h or 6 miles/h on average, which isn’t too bad a speed, to say it’s only my third attempt. As I was walking to the park I saw about five trucks and lots of men working at the side of the road to completely replace the power supply box. They were still there when I got back and the power was accordingly still offline.

I had some cold pasta from last night and a couple of slices of bread, plus an apple and a nutty bar thing for lunch, showered and then it was time to pick up the boy.

He had a good day today, he bought home a bracelet that Alice made for him, I believe he also made one for her but it’s still a little hard to get any details about his day out of him, although I know that he played with Alice, Ella and Penny at lunch time, they are three girls whose Mums knew each other at school and so the kids have known each other since they were born. All nice kids. He also told me that they were doing “d” for dinosaur today and so he got to correct his teacher on the names a few times. Apparently she couldn’t pronounce “pteranodon” right!

After getting home we went to the park and Joshua cycled, he must have done a good couple of kilometres and didn’t seem to be having any trouble at all, so we might even try cycling to the playground on the other side of the lake at some point. The men at work were gone by the time we got back and thankfully the power was back on.

For tea I made a potato and pumpkin cheesy bake and then for pudding (as per the picture) Josh and I had ice cream. Deanne didn’t want any, which I thought was very restrained of her.

Deanne is dropping him off again tomorrow, which is good as I have to get the house ready for the inspection on Thursday, amongst other things. Also Joshua is staying over at Nana’s house tomorrow night, which is quite a big thing. He seems very excited about it, it’ll be weird not having him for the night, but probably a good thing as I can continue cleaning and tidying. Also Bob is coming over to mow again, which is very kind of him, plus he’ll be able to meet Snuggles.



Ice Cream

Ice Cream