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We Didn’t Go To The Zoo Today

Dear Mum,
The weather was horrible so we didn’t go with our original plan of going to the zoo. Instead we stayed at home this morning and watched Return of the Jedi, which Joshua seemed to thoroughly enjoy. He especially liked the Scout Walkers, or AT-STs, as he liked to spell out.
We had some of my home made sausage rolls for lunch. Josh and I made them when we got up this morning, as we thought we could take them with us if we went out.
By about three o’clock we were all getting a bit grouchy, the enforced day inside was sending us all a bit stir-crazy. So I suggested we go out somewhere, Deanne came up with a trip to Coogee beach and a pot of tea/Diet Coke/babychino. It was very pleasant and took the edge off our moods. As you can see Joshy enjoyed his babychino.
Tomorrow Dee is at work, I’m taking Josh to Scitech, as he is booked in to the Dinosaur Detectives workshop. I drop him off and he gets to do lots of investigations, dig up fossils and look at fake dino-poo to see what’s in it. I’ll stay nearby, then meet him after and we’ll spend some time being SciTreckers.