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New House

Dear Mum,

Today was the big day. We set off to pick up our keys from the estate agents, who had kindly allowed us to get them a little early, and arrived at the house at almost exactly the same time as the big truck with a container full of our worldly goods on it.

At first the two blokes, called Mick and Nick, just removed all the stuff and put it in the rooms Deanne told them to. I was cleaning the kitchen. However after a couple of hours they had got all the stuff in and took a quick break, then they started putting our furniture back together for us. They started in Joshua’s room and went through room to room until they were finished, then they took off.

Bob took me to the shops and bought us some lunch, when I got home we sat at OUR table and ate the small pizzas (Dee and I) and the cheddarmite twist (who knew, cheddar cheese and Vegemite in one twisty package!). It was very strange to be using our own stuff again, so much so that I took the below picture of Joshua while we took a swift magnetic fishing game break in the afternoon.

We haven’t actually moved in yet, we’re probably going to do that on Saturday night after getting the house completely ship-shape and Bristol fashion over the next couple of days. I’ve sorted out our phone line, which should be active on Monday, then our internet should follow two to four days later. I might have to visit Julie’s to apply for jobs, etc. but on the bright side my rubbish phone actually seems to work pretty well there, so I can at least call the agencies to beg them for employment.

By the way, your not-pasta sauce sounds quite a lot like the chilli-pasta I once made. Tasted fine, but our mouths couldn’t quite cope with the chilli flavour along with the pasta texture.



Our Lovely Table...And Our Son!

Our Lovely Table…And Our Son!