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Dear Mum,
Deanne went out quite early as she was meeting Michelle in the city to do a tour of chocolatiers. Josh and I stayed at home and did some stamping, dinosaur stamps on blank paper. We also did some writing. I’m going to spend some time each day with Josh over the next couple of weeks practising writing letters and words.
We also played in the garden, football, cricket and frisbee, dressed quite appropriately for the weather in t-shirts and jeans…and it’s close to the middle of winter! The weather was great.
After Dee had arrived home, bringing us some chocolatey gifts, we did a few bits of housework and read some stories to Joshy.
Slice, roast veg, cauliflower cheese and gravy for tea. Very nice (thank you Deanne)! Got Josh to bed, then did some computer stuff.
Tomorrow we might be going to Scitech or the Zoo, depending on the weather.