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Penguin Book

Dear Mum,

Just a quick anecdote before I go to sleep.

After Joshua got ready for bed and it was story time I grabbed up his library book (from school, about a chicken, quite funny) and asked if he’d picked it himself.

He proceeded to tell me that Matilda, from his class, had originally had it and he had one about a penguin. He went on to say that Matilda really likes penguins and so he had offered to swap it with hers, so she could have that one for the week. Deanne and I were so proud of him.

When we popped in to check on him, before coming to bed ourselves, Snuggles accompanied us and tried to get comfy – hence the picture! We brought him out again but I think he would happily have slept in there.

Gym and swim tomorrow because Monday is a bank holiday so his gymnastics class was moved.