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Sminky Pinky, A Chris Waddle!

Dear Mum,

First of all I have to apologise for not Skyping you today. I’ll tell you about our day and hopefully that will explain it.

Last night Deanne had a bad back, she wasn’t sure why but it came on before tea time and lasted until we went to bed. I made her a hot water bottle to put against it and gave her a bit of a back rub, there were a couple of points on each side of her spine towards her lumbar region which were really tense.

Anyway when we woke up this morning Deanne tried to get out of bed but suddenly came over all unbalanced and nauseous. She had to sit down on the edge of the bed so as not to fall over. So she got back in bed and I made her breakfast and a cup of tea to try and make her feel a bit better. She still felt a little ill, so while she was eating Josh and I went to the local pharmacy and asked the pharmacist’s advice in what we might be able to do to make her feel a little better. We came home with some ginger tablets, for sea sickness but the chemist said they should help with the nausea at least.

When we got back she was feeling a little better, she had a couple of the travel pills and then had a shower, by which point she felt well enough to go to work, but we drove her in because she wasn’t up to driving yet.

Upon getting home Josh and I got out a few of his arty things and did some glittering, painting and stamping. It was at about this point that I got a call from a TV station!

Before the weekend I had dropped an email to a guy who had advertised on a Facebook page I’m a member of, he was looking for immigrants who have been having trouble finding jobs. The station was Channel 9, which is why I used a line from the Fast Show’s “Chanel Neus” sketches. Ask ToF if you don’t have a clue what I’m on about 😉

They wanted to come round at about eleven thirty to interview me for a show they are airing tomorrow night. They turned up and set up, but just as we were starting and I had got Joshua settled with something to do they got a phone call and had to rush off to cover a prison escape, or some such!

So Josh and I had lunch, then made a green jelly, which we were given by Julie before she went on holiday. I got another phone call while we were doing this to say that another reporter was free and could come round to do the interview. So I said yes.

It lasted about twenty minutes and the guy asked me a bunch of questions about moving over, my job hunting and how I feel about the whole thing. I have no idea what they’re actually going to do with it, the girl who came round initially said something about ten second soundbites, but I’m not sure if that;s right or not. They took some footage of Josh and I playing at the end, then spoke to me briefly about my IT’s Easy website and business that I’m trying to set up.

At the time that I should have been Skyping you we had to go pick Dee up from work, Josh slept in the car. Okay so I should probably have given you a call but with the day being such a strange one it kind of slipped my mind.

I made a stir fry for tea, then put Joshy to bed. Deanne has done likewise as she still feels a bit on the grotty side, Snuggles has joined her. Hopefully she’ll be better in the morning, poor thing.

The holidays are over and Josh is at school tomorrow, so I’m back to normal everyday stuff. The picture is him putting on his pyjamas, I told him that he shouldn’t pull his trousers up so high, but he seemed to think it was the stylish way to wear them!



High Trousers

High Trousers