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Morning Tea

Dear Mum,

A good day today. Deanne left for work early-ish as she is dropping Joshua off tomorrow, so Joshua and I got ourselves ready, read a bit of one of his library books, wrapped the little wool and bead bracelet Josh made for Penny over the weekend, then headed out for school.

When we got there he played with some buttons in a box for a bit, but then Penny arrived and he went to give her the present. She was very excited and all her friends gathered around to see what it was. As soon as she had unwrapped it she put it on and went off to play after shouting thank you to Josh, who had run off to find something else to do. It was really cute, and funny watching the social dynamics of the four year olds interacting with each other.

I had a few things to do after that, post a letter then put some money in the bank, etc. When I was at the bank I noticed that Emma (Penny’s Mum) was in the queue behind me. I said hi, then messaged Deanne to tell her who I’d seen. Dee messaged me back and said I should ask if she wanted to go grab a drink, so I did. I would never have thought of doing that, probably because I’m a man, but Emma accepted and in fact bought me a Diet Coke which was very kind of her. We sat down and chatted about various bits and pieces of stuff, obviously the kids, books, jobs, all sorts of things really. But then it was time to get going and so I headed off and did my shopping, etc.

I did some research, for a number of things in the afternoon, including some more of Richard’s project, then went to pick Joshy up from kindy. We got home and he had a quick snack, then I grabbed some more food (muffins) and we went to the park. He took his scooter and we went all the way to the medium playground where he played for a bit. He’s very keen on the swings now and tries to get me to push him higher and higher. Because she had been in early Deanne left work at four and met us there, giving us a lift back to save Joshua’s legs from getting too tired.

I made a stir fry for tea and now Dee is doing a load of ironing. All the stuff that has been hanging up, creased, in her wardrobe since we got it out of storage. I have a few things like that which I don’t use enough to have needed to wear yet, but not as many as she owns!

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day.



Muffins At The Park

Muffins At The Park