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Ben And Jerry’s

Dear Mum,

I’ve had an interesting few days! I took Josh to kindy on Monday, which is where I took the photo of his fish picture below. Then I went to have a medical, which I passed with flying colours apparently. When I got home Deanne and I went to Garden City and I started spending my birthday money, of which I seem to have quite a lot. I bought three t-shirts and a pair of shorts, and still have over a hundred dollars left.

Yesterday morning I went to a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shop at Hillarys Boat Harbour, to fit a tiny computer to their big TV screens to show… I don’t know, pictures of ice creams or something!?!?! In the afternoon I did some fiddling about with the company website then went out to mess about with a couple of computers at the Labor party offices.

Today I was out returning a client’s computer and picking up a backup drive for storage. Not really a super exciting day, but there was plenty of stuff to keep me busy.

Josh is at Nana’s tonight so Deanne and I have been catching up on some TV and paperwork, although Dee still isn’t up to much because of her back. More of Rich’s work tomorrow.



10 Fish In A Fishbowl

10 Fish In A Fishbowl