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Look, Anomalocaris!

Dear Mum,
This morning was mainly spent retrieving boxes from the garage then putting things into them. Then getting more boxes. Hopefully the early start on the packing means everything will be good and ready by the time we leave.
Bob popped over at about lunchtime so we chatted to him while we ate our toasted sandwiches.
In the afternoon we went to Fremantle and had an ice cream, then wandered around for an hour or so before stopping for a drink and some wedges. As you can see Joshua enjoyed the wedges.
We got home at about five and the master finally allowed me to put on the First Life DVD, which we borrowed from Bob about five months ago. He wasn’t too impressed by the first episode, about the first organisms on the planet, which didn’t move our do anything very exciting really. But when the second one came on he brightened up a bit and started to tell us what the animals were. Hence the “look, anomalocaris” title of this message.
He had a quick nap in the car on the way home but was tired, so he went in the deep bath after Deanne had used it to soothe her back a bit then to bed quite early. We then watched Dr Who, another good ‘un I thought, and are now in bed at 8:49 because it’s been such a tiring day.
Monday again tomorrow so more of Rich’s work, although we’re signing the papers for the new house at 4 o’clock.


Wedges In Freo