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Dear Mum,
So today, after dropping Joshua off at daycare and popping in to Julie’s house to drop their mail back, I got a call from the recruitment consultant for the University, to say I did well but didn’t get the job.
This meant I didn’t have to choose anymore, so I mailed my new boss and confirmed I would be happy to agree to the terms of the contract. He was pleased and said he’d get back to me with a start date, suspect it won’t be too long!
I spent some of the rest of the day starting on Rich’s next bit of work, then some time working some songs out on the guitar. I also put an ad’ on Gumtree to see if I can find an acoustic guitarist/singer, just someone to jam with for fun really, as I think it would be good to get back into playing, and maybe even playing live a bit!
I picked Josh up and we kicked and threw some balls back and forth in the garden, then I made us beans and toast for tea, Deanne stayed out for a leaving do so it was just the two of us.
Dee got back as we finished, Josh had about four courses, I think he’s growing again, he’ll be like Marcel I suspect! Then we got him bathed and hair washed, as it’s Alice’s party tomorrow so he needs to be clean and tidy.
The picture is from bedtime.


Tropically Twisted

Dear Mum,

Snuggles decided that throughout the middle of last night was a good time to a) dig noisily in his litter tray, b) scratch at the furniture, and finally, but most noisily c) stand at the laundry room glass door and yowl in a terrifying manner at a big fluffy white cat standing outside the door.

This meant that none of us got a good nights rest, especially Deanne who had trouble getting back to sleep afterwards. So this morning we were all a little on the grumpy side – with The Snugs! However we managed to make it out of bed and got dressed, etc. Just a little on the late side compared to normal.

After Dee had gone to work Josh and I read for a while, then played for a bit before having a snack. After he had finished he decided it was a good time to play with the table mats in the dining room, first of all turning them into a bus shelter, with three small ones for the walls and a big one for the roof and floor, then he realised that the two big ones looked a bit like a laptop and so he did some typing. When I asked him what he was writing he told me that he was “sending some pictures to Grandma”, so I thought I’d take a photo.

Once shoes were on we went to the Tropical Twist play centre again, as Joshua really wanted to, we ran around a lot! On the way home we stopped into Nana’s house to pick up their mail, went to the shops after that and I bought some Diabetes stuff, after which is was home for lunch, then a nap for the boy.

Almost two hours later he got up again. We went outside and played with the balls for a while but then I had to come in and make tea, but Josh stayed outside for a bit and kept throwing and kicking.

Deanne got home at about half five and we ate slice, mash and veg for tea. When we’d finished Deanne called her Mum so Joshua could thank her for the t-shirt she sent him, then Joshua called Donna to say thank you for a hologramatic dinosaur table mat she sent him the other day. He’s not brilliant on the phone but getting better, he does however still finish what he’s saying (quickly) then just hands the phone back to whoever is nearest to him. Deanne is shopping at the moment but shouldn’t be too much longer.

Tomorrow he’s at daycare, I received my contract from the probable new boss today so I need to check that out and decide what to do. I’ll probably also (finally) start on Rich’s next bit of work.



Joshua, Sending A Picture To Grandma

Joshua, Sending A Picture To Grandma


Dear Mum,
No accidents today, you’ll be pleased to hear!
We got to SciTech at about 11 and headed down to the far end, where there is a stage and a little kind of theatre-y show with actions (which Joshua didn’t take part in) and some ventriloquism, which he thought was rather good.
After the show we had lunch then started looking at the actual science and technology things. It was really good. Everything there is interactive, so there are lots of things to wind up and make balls go round big metal circuits to show how kinetic and potential energy and momentum all work. Then you could build cars out of Lego and race them down a big ramp to see which design was best, and all sorts of other exciting things for little boys (and big boys) to do.
At 12:30 there was a “bubbles show” which did exactly what it said on the packet. It was pretty good but the girl who was doing the show was trying to rely a bit too much on audience participation from a bunch of 2 to 5 year olds, which made it go on a tad longer than it should have done!
It was also good because there was an area with seats and tables, so you can take your own food and drink, which we did do, and so not have to buy lunch.
We went out for a quick drink, and a bit to eat for Josh. But on the understanding that yes, we would be going back in before we took him home. Then after that we spent another half hour or so, where he played at being a builder and put foam bricks in a wheelbarrow and then built and destroyed a wall and hoisted them up in the air. Then we actually did come home.
Joshua was ever so well behaved and I think we’ll probably actually buy ourselves season tickets, as I could see us spending a fair bit of time there.
I did try Skyping you when we got home but you appeared to be out so we’ll have another go tomorrow.
P.s. apologies if this isn’t very well spelled or formatted, I’m writing it on the tablet because I couldn’t be bothered firing up the laptop after such a tiring day!