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Australovenator, Etc.

Dear Mum,

Tomorrow is the big day. We pick up our keys early-ish and hopefully the truck with all our stuff turns up at nine o’clock. We are suitably excited.

Almost as excited as Joshua was today at seeing all the dinosaurs. There was, of course a muttaburrasaurus. Also a bunch of other ones we hadn’t heard of like australovenator and minmi (which we only found out about when Joshua bought his new I’m A Dinosaur video the other week).

We shopped first thing, just for some cheese but we relaxed a little after that. We had an early lunch at just before 11 then set off on the bus and the train. We got there just after 12:30, which was when the afternoon session opened, however the queue was already very long. The person who sold us the tickets said an hour and a half, but we only actually waited about three quarters of an hour, which was quite long enough standing in the hot sun.

On the bright side there was a pretty big brachiosaur outside which Joshua enjoyed watching when it moved it’s head and tail and screeched. When we got in there were a host of moving dinosaurs, all pretty big. The spinosaurus was probably the most impressive one, along with it’s youngster, although Josh liked the deinosuchus, which was a massive alligator thing, having a fight with a styracosaurus.

When we had finished there was a “play-laeontology” tent outside where there were some big puzzles and also the chance to dig for fossils, which is what the picture is of below. I thought you might like to imagine it was historical relics, rather than fossils he is digging for 😉

With our house move tomorrow the posts might become a little sporadic as our internet may not be up and running for a bit. However the package we’ve bought includes international calls to the UK so we’ll give you a bell as soon as we’re online…so to speak.



Joshua The Palaeontologist

Joshua The Palaeontologist